EPIC, please stop breaking Slate and UMG in new releases.

As the title says. I am speechless. With each new release more of UI is broken than fixed. There hasn’t been a release I remember in which the basic functionality in the provided widgets all work properly and this is not acceptable. Reports go unnoticed and I get no response from staff. It is clear that changes to engine source are not being tested properly. If I as a solo developer can come up with a massive list of engine bugs I find myself, how is it possible EPIC can not? Why would you leave a beautiful engine in such a poor state and cause any product made on it to be flawed like this?

I want to build something beautiful on this engine and that is not possible if 90% of the bug reports are going to be engine issues. I have no interest in cleaning up mess someone else causes, I want to work on my own projects. Stop giving us a headache.

If any staff reads this, at least post a reply that this bug report section is read and processed and not a sewer for complaints.

[UE5.2, Bug report] Good job, you broke SetValue on the slider this time

[UE5.1.1] UEditableTextBox::SetText reverts to previous text. Can't set text...

[UE5.1.1] Text property on textblock widget fails to unlink properly.

[Bugs bugs bugs] Slate widget synchronization

[Bug report] Losing focus / input axis values 0 after releasing mouse button.

Widgets destroyed after moving c++ class from project to plugin

[Bug Report] Adding UWidget causes widget tree corruption

[BUG ?] UMG animated brush material parameter has the wrong default value

[Bug] Widget animations only play 1 frame in the editor

[Bug report] Bad widget performance : Slate : ProcessMouseMove

Bug? Widget animation event trigger binding does not show all functions. Workaround included

CreateWidget Bug - exposed property pins NULL on OnInitialized, useless.

[UE5.1, Bug Report] Widget's IsVisible is funny.

[UE5.1, Bug report] UUserWidget::NativeConstruct "ticks" when the asset is hovered.

[UE5.1, Bug Report] UUserWidgetExtension missing initalization.

Renaming a Named Slot widget breaks widget trees.

[UE5.1.1] YAY! #Finally rounded border widgets. OH it's broken. Surprise.

[UE5.1.1] Widget timer / animation supporting pause

[UE5.1.1, Bug report] FAnalogCursor::HandleKeyDownEvent assumes mouse button was used.

[UE5.1.1] Supported Vulkan RHI returns no supported screen resolutions.

[UE5.1.1, Bug report] UserWidget::SetPositionInViewport broken.

[UE5.1.1, Bug report] Widget does not set text unless asset is reloaded.

[Feature or bug?] Navigation rules visible on editor but can't be set for UUserWidget itself.

[UE5.1.1, Bug Report] FText::FindText returns true despite leaving text output empty.

[Bug report, UE5.1.1] blueprint nodes go missing.

Widget navigation (arrow keys) unreliable?

[UE5.1.1, Bug Report] Slate navigation keys not working after disabling focused button.

Widget input: It SMELLS

[UE5.1.1, Bug Report] Input Key Selector widget ignores modifier keys.

[UE5] Request for multi language support on default font.

[UE5.1] Sequencer curve editor not showing curves. Awful accessibility on widget animation creation.

[UE5.1] Widget render opacity broken when using border with rounded corners.

[UE5.1] Scrollbar widget image draw margin broken.

[UE5.1.1] UInputKeySelector::SetTextBlockVisibility broken. Does not sync / sync on rebuild.

[UE5.1.1] UInputKeySelector missing styling options for textblock.

[UE5] SizeBox widget Width override ignored.


Slow clap, you broke a product line supporting gamepads again:

[UE5.2, Bug report] Good job, you broke SetValue on the slider this time

Is there absolutely no one at EPIC even looking at this? Not a single response just some obviously drunk git commits breaking the major versions.

[UE5.2, Bug report] Good job, you broke SetValue on the slider this time

[UE5.2.1, Bug report] half the time pasting a search query does not update search.

[UE5.2.1, Bug report] EditableTextBox broke further. GetText not returning set value.

This close to porting the code to another engine

just a bump, @ProfessionalCog did the team miss this one?

if I may, I will add my 3 bug reports regarding the inheritance in UMG/widgets to your already respectable collection.

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The status of UCB-848 incident has been moved from ‘Awaiting Validation’ to ‘Closed’.

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@Bug-Reporter This issue / incident does not exist on https://issues.unrealengine.com/ .
What is the actual status? Why is this closed? Are my reported bugs here processed as new ‘incidents’?

Also, please post a new comment with the new status next time because no one gets a notification from a post edit.

@Mind-Brain Hi, you told me @Bug-Reporter is an automated output (bot), so in case my message goes nowhere, can you tell me where I can find details on incident codes? The given code UCB-848 does not work on the above link.

I got a response from a moderator that the Bug-Reporter bot only handles fortnite bugs… Disappointment

The reports are escalated into a queue for our teams to triage, but this is not public. The code you see won’t provide you any additional info at this time.

Since it’s the first iteration of the form and flow, we wanted to see how well this process worked. If all goes well, then we’d like to pitch this to other teams (like UE). In the meantime, UE bugs needed to be submitted via the UE Bug Submission Form.

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Thanks for your response. While submitting the “UE” bugs on the forum nowhere I was informed previously that this is only meant to be used with Fortnite. The submission form allows “UE” posts. The submitted bugs there seem to be a mix of UE and Fortnite of the UE people wondering if their problems are being seen. The Fortnite people have questions as well:

Reminder and Repost: Using the Bug Submission Form

The forums are valuable to us to post our issues as the community can read / respond / vote, where the bug submission form leads to no public post and for me also no response. Please be clear about this to the community.

That bug reporter bot is a great way to process the forums as it is technically possible to summarize and link similar reported issues and community response automatically.

The announcement for the in-forum bug form was posted under UEFN & Creative, and a “New Issue” can be created when a user is specifically in the Issues and Bug Reporting category, which only lives under the UEFN & Creative section. Due to those placements, we didn’t make an explicit callout about it not being available to other applications, but will be more direct in the future!

I’ve reported to the team how it’s still possible to post to other applications and due to the “Issues and Bug Reporting” section not being visible on the UE side, that may explain in part why we haven’t seen many of your posts. We’ll work on a solution for this, and I’m also working with the editor team to triage the bugs you’ve posted so we can circle back.

While investigating this, I noticed the ability to get into a state where the site visually appears to be in the UE section, but is showing the FN categories—this is an error on our part.

And yes, we totally agree that it’d be great to have the bugs posted where others can upvote or provide workarounds they may have to an issue! That’s why we’ve been excited to pilot this process and hopefully move others over in the future.


ha :smiley: I tracked down two other problems with this, it’s not just the visual state.

I notice that when you are in the “Issues and Bug Reporting” page, regardless of fortnite or not, the form to post a question changes:

Note that this form asks you “What you are reporting on”, but the product tag on the top left remains “Unreal Engine” and no required or optional tag references fortnite.

If you happen to create a post from the “General” page, you are still able to change the required tag to “General / Issues and bug reporting” and you will see the old form which does not at all ask for fortnite / verse / etc.

The fastest method to post a new issue is from the “home” page of the forums by just clicking the forums link (which is also in my browser bookmarks), then click “new topic”. So in no way I have ever seen this specialized form to report a bug. I just see the latter common form.

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Hi @Amanda.Schade , do you have updates for us about my bug reports or the forum form bugs?

Epic’s communication is a pretty big pain point for me too. I’m not sure why the bug reporter bot can’t include any information past “closed”.

It’s just kind of insulting to spend so much time developing and taking time to give detailed bug reports and feedback just to have a bot autorespond that your issue is closed with zero context, and potentially never hear back about it. If they can’t provide more information for whatever reason, they could at least explain that in the bot response that already exists.

I’m not sure how you can read through these forums as staff and feel like its not a problem. I’ve worked in IT for 10 years prior to this so I know how support goes, and that’s exactly why my feedback surrounds modifying the auto response, even if that means saying this is why there isn’t more information. People want to feel heard and like they’re contributions are impactful. With the current state of the forums you are actively discouraging the reporting process.

People have said to me they don’t bother reporting issues here because it doesn’t seem like anyone looks at them.

If you open ChatGPT and ask for recommendations on how to run forums for this purpose it will list: Auto-Response Acknowledgment, Regular QA Updates, and Transparent Communication with bullet points on how to achieve it… I’m not sure what else to say here.


It is insulting. Originally the bot did not even have the staff tag and I thought it was a joke response. I had to report it and ask what was going on, told them it needed a staff tag. Now it’s still a joke post with the staff tag because it is a bot providing 0 information to the reporter. They put a 302 redirect on the bug reporter profile page to a 404 error recently just to hide it.

honestly I’ve felt like giving up on this engine multiple times exactly because of the communication problem, the absence of an LTS program, and the constant flow of new bugs and experiments that is pushed to us on the major versions. I’ve been with this engine since early UE4. I’ve worked in IT as system admin, programmer, customer support, fullstack website dev, released Road To The North and studied tons of books regarding other fields related to business, sales and psychology. Of what I learnt in this process I see way too many red flags in the software itself, the treatment of the developer and seller community. It’s a total sh*tshow.

I have openly discussed my thoughts on the topics I post, I don’t just report bugs or teach here I have openly discussed problems with the forums, the engine, the marketplace, piracy and legal matters and the only response I see is of us, the developers and their businesses. I’ve given it time. If nothing improves in the coming months on EPICs side I think it’s time to move on.

Even the bloody forum is falling apart technically. UX goes down the drain and a topic where I’m visually discussing redesign for UX is gone, no notification about it. I hate to complain but I can’t work with amateurs, it just doesn’t work for me. It holds me back, wastes my time and when I need information on EPICs part I have 0 guarantee I can get it. I can’t take it seriously when I need to teach people here or sell products.

As a community we have done everything we can right? We spend our time here unpaid, we have specialist knowledge valuable enough to reply to. It’s not a costly investment on EPICs side to listen to our needs and adapt at a reasonable speed, there is gold to be found in our reports that are out there. EPIC is not a 5 people business lacking resources. When there is a reply, I always see the same few names on specific topics. Look at how old my posts are.


:man_facepalming: > "You are out of votes!" Can't vote on any issue.
well fck-a-doodle-doo

@Amanda.Schade Excuse my language, we need some good news.

UMG is beyond a mess, honestly would have been way easier for me to make my own system from scratch but instead tried using UMG and when I realized how unfinished and broken everything was, it was too late to back out. Now I have a frankenstein of UMG and my own systems overlapping. Such a waste of time. I understand Epic can’t develop everything and they can’t be everywhere, but man, at least be honest and upfront about it, remove UMG and let us go our merry way. In its current state a newcomer will think “oh great there’s a system for this!” and then be hit with a brick as soon as they try using a gamepad…

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That runs even deeper than UMG all the way to Slate and device support. A lot is less than optimal. It seems some breaking bugs will be forever present. It’s hard to even recommend the widget editor to designers because they can get the same result in html and css within seconds compared to pushing UMG to the limits and running into walls and bugs on a bloated UAsset. The worst is just when you do get it up and running and new versions keep breaking basic functions. It would be a much better experience (relatively to what we are used to with UE) if the engine was LTS…

I did make my own framework for menu panel navigation and centralized widget styling, it would be great if they’d stop introduce breaking bugs to the underlying Slate system so that I’d be willing to put it online. How am I expected to maintain it and keep my reputation if there will be bugs beyond my control? If I am forced onto those versions? I don’t want to do an a$$ job on that.

@Amanda.Schade Hi I didn’t get feedback and was wondering what the current status is of the reported bugs. Is the bug reporting process on the forum now fixed for both normal UE and Fortnite? Are my reports visible publicly by some tracking code?