Bug? Widget animation event trigger binding does not show all functions. Workaround included

Description of the bug and workaround from my own documentation:

Problem: Event triggers on the widget animation panel can sometimes not be bound to an existing function. For reasons unknown some functions will not appear in the binding list until you follow a few steps in order.


  1. first create a new event track.
  2. add a trigger event.
  3. Navigate to the event properties, click the event dropdown and select “Create new endpoint”.
  4. Ignore the created event (you can delete it later) and navigate back to the trigger event properties. Click the event dropdown and navigate to “Rebind to”. There, your previously missing functions should now appear.

Addtional: If a binding is made to a function and it becomes unbound for whatever reason (function rename / missing etc.) you will not be notified of an unbound event trigger.