UE5 VR Template Lighting issue occulus quest 2 (Android)


I am quite new on Unreal Engine and I am proceeding somes tests on the engine for VR development on Oculus Quest 2.

I built the template for virtual reality on both version 4.27.2 & 5.0.0 and I noticed a huge difference on light rendering.

“UE 4.27.2 Left / UE 5.0.0 Right”

I precise the 2 projects have been created separatly using the 2 engine versions (no project upgrade), No settings have been changed (Vanilla template project)

Is someone can tell me if there are some settings to changes on the UE5 version or if it is an issue with the new version?
I can not find any topic on this subject. Am I the only one facing this issue?

Thanks for your answers.

Any Help please.

similar conversation on color space Built VR in is way darker than preview version. Making it unplayable

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Thank @Kavan.

The linked issue is not the one I experience, My scene does not look darker but the lightmap textures dynamic range seams to not be the expected one.

I tried to turn on ‘Mobile HDR’ and the result looks like the UE4 build but with only a single eye rendered because this is currently not supported. Quest 2 mobile build + HDR only renders half the camera view.

yeah, I was just hoping it would lead you to some assistance since you weren’t getting feedback. Maybe your comment on that page will catch an eye :wink:

Yes it might help. Thanks again

It did! There are two things going on here:

I noticed a regression between 4->5 when using CPU Lightmass to bake lighting. It’s just… darker (PC and Mobile). I logged that issue with the rendering team but I unfortunately don’t have an update. However, something to note is that if you create a new VR template in 5.0, the lightmaps are baked using GPU Lightmass, so if you’re comparing the VR Template created in 4, vs the Template created in 5, there will be a slight difference regardless of the CPU lightmass disparity between 4->5.

Now, the second issue is what looks like shadow-banding, or the “circles” and weird colors around the light. This has been fixed in Main for a while but it also just got merged into 5.0-release branch and will ship with the 5.0.2 hotfix.

Feel free to @ me if you discover issues and you’re not seeing a response. I don’t always have an answer and sometimes I’m unable to respond, but the @ doesn’t hurt. Especially not when you’re providing good images!


Thanks for the intel.

I notice now the slight difference of contrast on my preview images, the floor looks indeed more grey-ish. But my main issue still is the shadow banding.

I will let you know if the version 5.0.2 fix it :slight_smile: .

You are not alone in this problem.

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When can we expect the 5.0.2 version of the engine?

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5.0.2 is live - though it seems to have it’s own issues

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GPU lightmass wasn’t working with Quest 2 platform in UE4. Is that issue fixed?