Quest2 Shadow artifacts

this is taken in Quest2 built with UE4 4.27

this is taken in Quest2 built with UE5 5.0

can anyone help me with this problem. Have tried to adjust lightmap compression, texture qualities I can not get rid of the artifacts in the shadow areas As it seems, they are most clearly visible in dark areas. Both are built with Epic’s standard VR template without any changes.

I’m having these same issues - it’s not just shadows, I think it’s everywhere, but more pronounced in darker area. It’s on the guns, it’s on the reflective sphere, etc.
I tried swapping the shaders to all single color standard shaded, fully rough, but this didn’t solve it.

UE5 VR Template Lighting issue occulus quest 2 (Android)

According to what @victorLerp said: It should be fixed in the next engine revision 5.0.2.


This is fixed in 5.0.2