why the shadow isnt affect the whole foliage?

At a rough guess, I’d say that’s the LOD kicking in.

LODs for foliage work in strange bunches like that.

I can’t recall how it works right now ( not at my machine ), but maybe you can turn off shadows for higher LODS?

In any event, making a mesh with only 1 LOD ( for now ) will let you know.

There are parts that have shade and there are parts that have no shade
how can i fix it?

If it was a problem of LODs there was no difference even up close, up close it was said to be the same LOD

Ok, no idea then, sorry.

ClockworkOcean Thank you so much for your quick response, and thanks for the intention to help!

:slight_smile: sorry I couldn’t help…

No one knows what causes this problem? I use UNREAL version 4.26, and RAY TRACING if that will help crack the mystery


You will often find stuff in the engine that doesn’t make sense. I’ve found two methods that will give you results ( if no one answers your question ):

  1. Do it another way

  2. Cut out everything and put it back together one piece at a time. New project if you have to. Can you make a default level and get shadows everywhere? Is it the grass mesh? Is it raytracing ( probably not )? Is it the landscape? etc…

ClockworkOcean thanks so much for your response…! and for trying to help me :-), but I still can not figure out what to do …

Like I say, make a new default level, put the grass in, does it do it?

Does it do it in a new project?

What’s the minimum level you can make with the grass? Does it work? Then add stuff in…

I tried not helping …

Any ideas?

Is this a landscape grass type? Have you coded your own landscape? Can you try another landscape?

no its megascans foliage

It’s weird that no one has an answer to this thing …
You put the grass alone without the foliage tool, and each piece has a shadow, but with the foliage tool, it completely changes the shadows, and it makes re-compiling, weird

When you can’t find anything else about a subject, and nobody answers, it usually means you’re the only one with the problem. Which also usually means, it’s peculiar to the asset or your setup, or just some weird project setting.

If you can make a minimal project with just a small piece of land and the grass doing this, I will take a look.

And did you try r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes.Culling 0 ?

I’m not the only one with this problem