Why my foliage dosent cast shadows in Raytrace mode ?

Hey guys ,

So currently am trying to add grass as foliage painting in ray trace mode but i cant get any shadows from any source of light , is this one of the limitation currently in DXR ?


I don’t know which one included support for alpha-tested shadows, but I believe it’s supported by either enabling materials or two-sided geo(or both…) through a CVAR.


Tried it but it didnt work still now shadows

I guess foliage isn’t supported by raytraced shading, per documentation?

raytracing is in beta mode
foliage will support in 4.23

so is this is official , 4.22 dosnt support foliage ray trace , or theres a way around to get shadows in ray trace mode by adding another type of light

Raytracing doesn’t support foliage at the moment. But you can try to activate Contact Shadows for your lights. It works for raytraced shadows too. Not perfect, but at least gives you some shadows with foliage.

Thanks i will try and hope this at least compensate the missing feature

Hi, is this supported today?

In here:

They said: [TABLE]

		**TwoSided Foliage**