Project Elementus - Custom TPS Template w/ Extra Features

Project Elementus is a third person template that can be used to start projects that will use some new features that come with Unreal Engine 5 as well as powerful existing features like the Gameplay Ability System and others!

Some features:

  1. Gameplay Ability System;
  2. Modular Game Features plugins;
  3. One File per Actor;
  4. World Partition;
  5. Enhanced Input;
  6. Networking/Replication/Multiplayer;
  7. Custom plugins;
  8. Etc.

Both C/C++ (a lot) and Blueprints!

My intention with this development is to help other developers in their projects by providing a starting point with already implemented functionalities. :heart:

I will be posting updates frequently on this forum thread. Please give some feedback and feel invited to test the project and help me with this work. : )


  1. GitHub: lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (
  2. ModularFeatures_ExtraActions Plugin: [FREE] ModularFeatures_ExtraActions
  3. A bonus plugin that aren’t in this template: [FREE] AzureSpeech plugin: Text-to-Voice and Voice-to-Text
  4. AMD FSR Adapted Plugin: AMD FSR 1.0 for Unreal Engine 5 - (AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution)

Added support for modular gameplay features!

Inspired by some features from the Valley of the Ancient demo, I decided to start working with the Modular Gameplay Features plugins to enable some functionality to my template.

First, I decided to integrate a new Game Feature Action to manage modular abilities that can be added at runtime with their respective Input Action, using the Gameplay Ability System and Enhanced Input system.

The next step will be to add a new action to manage modular Enhanced Input Mappings that can be added with these abilities or other uses cases. :star_struck:


Finalized tweaks to the implemented UGameFeatureAction that will be responsible for adding modular gameplay abilities to the actors of the selected class.

I turned these features into a new plugin called ModularFeatures_ExtraActions that I will be making available for free when finished. All going well, this plugin will have the following actions: Add Abilities; Add Attribute; Add Effects (Gameplay Effects); Spawn Actor; Add Input Mapping (Enhanced Input);

It is now possible to add new modular features independently of custom classes or enumeration for input.

Just implement the IAbilityInputBinding and inform if it will be done in Controller or Pawn to manage the input binding location and IAbilitySystemInterface (GAS default interface) to enable the system to find the respective Ability System Component to add the abilities.

For abilityactivations via InputID, you will just define the enumeration class and enter the name of the enumeration value for each ability. Actually only working with BP Enum classes

The next step will be to add a new action to manage modular Enhanced Input Mappings that can be added with these abilities or other uses cases. (I haven’t started yet xD)

Added more GameFeatureActions, now enabling modular attributes and gameplay effects , plus made some adjustments to work correctly with multiplayer.

GAS related Modular Actions:

Action: Add Gameplay Abilities:

Actions: Add Attribute Set and Add Gameplay Effects:

Greetings @lucoiso !

Thank you for sharing your new Work in Progress with us! I’m so excited to see a new project come into fruition! So far, what is the basic premise in mind for the game Codename: Project Elementus? :blush:

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The serendipity of finding this was just too much so I wanted to reach out to you. I know I don’t have any real right to ask, and you’re clearly overqualified for such a task but I have an idea that I think you would be perfect to head up. The job wouldn’t require a ton of work or much further work on your part in the long term (unless you wanted it to) but I personally feel like the idea could make us both very happy financially.

I’m sorry I’m being vague but I’m quite terrified of someone doing it before me because it’s such a simple idea, so I need to be very careful. but frankly if you were to help me do the fundamentals i would be happy to compensate you for your help. and you could use/ giveaway/ whatever all the actual work you do for me (obviously not counting the assets i buy lol)

If your interested plz reach out to me, or on discord blu#6198 if not please accept my thanks for your time, and my compliments on your skills and work and education :smiley:

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I started this project aiming for a game focused on players who love to troll other players, like me in Fall Guys xD

But, I currently don’t have a lot of time to create and work on a complete game, because I literally get into my projects and I don’t want to get too lost in ideas and other factors currently because of my job, college, and personal stuff.
So I decided to turn this “game” into a template that I could slowly use to study new features and help other developers. And to do that, I’m integrating some cool features I’ve seen in the UE5 documentation and samples and also integrating other existing tools.

An example is this plugin I’m making right now:
I really liked the new Modular Game Features plugins and I love the Gameplay Ability System, so I merged these 2 features into one, creating new Actions that the developer could use to add Modular GAS classes like Abilities, Effects and also AttributeSets. I’m also integrating this with the new Enhanced Input system and developing everything with a focus on multiplayer as well.
(This idea was inspired by the UE5 sample Valley of the Ancient)

I hope I can do more stuff, create some tools and help the community as much as I can : )

In short, it was a game focused on a troll playstyle, which I decided to turn into a template to put together some cool features to help other developers make their games.

All the stuff I’m doing and everything I’m going to do with this template, I’m going to make it freely available to the entire UE community here on the forum (maybe on the marketplace too), and I’ll also be sharing all the source code as well.

My goals with this project are: Learn and help. : )


Thank you so much for the compliments! I’d be happy to help, but I’m currently a bit overwhelmed with tasks and often out of time, so I’m avoiding participating in some extra projects.

But I make myself available to help in any way I can, whether through questions or suggestions! I’ll email : )

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Added a new GameFeatureAction to manage modular Enhanced Input Mapping Contexts!
Also with a param to bind a UFUNCTION directly via Modular Game Feature settings window! : )

The Add Enhanced Input Mapping page + UFunction binding setting




Wow @lucoiso !

I tip my hat to your creativity and selflessness! :tophat: Thank you for creating a space for learning and assistance! I can imagine how busy you are juggling work, school, and life! :man_juggling:t4: Are you a coffee drinker? We appreciate you finding the time to share with us your passion for developing. If I may ask, what are you studying in college?

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Some updates:

Published the ModularFeatures_ExtraActions plugin and created a new post on forum:
[FREE] ModularFeatures_ExtraActions

Published a plugin that aren’t in this template:
AzureSpeech and created a new post on forum:
[FREE] AzureSpeech plugin: Text-to-Voice and Voice-to-Text

Added this template to a public repository on GitHub:
lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (

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Definitely a coffee lover! hahah
I’m studying Control and Automation Engineering

Thanks for the support :hugs:

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Some updates : )
Repo: lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (

Updated the character to enable leveling based on a DataTable

Main level is now using World Partition, Data Layers and One File per Actor

Lumen re-enabled (but I disabled in PostProcess Component because my PC doesn’t handle this feature very well)

Attributes can now be initialized from a data table containing Attribute Metadata


Also working with Multiplayer

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Last updates:

Added HUD to show attributes values for each player:
The values are updated by Player State and the widget is owned by the Local Player Controller.

Added gameplay effects application examples to level:
effects_app_exs.mp4 - Google Drive

Added a Chaos Destruction (Fracture) example to level:

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Updated post description:

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Some updates:

Added a simple MegaAssembly example:

Started (trying - I’m not a animator, so I’m learning while trying lol) working with Control Rig and FullBodyIK:

Made a new friend while learning Control Rig and Full Body IK

In love with Control Rig xD
Say hello to my new friend

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Hello New Friend! :wave:t4: :blush:

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Last days were focused on Control Rig adjustments.

Created a new animation to show the results:

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