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Being a Turkish user the information and the users in this forum( helped me a lot when i first started using Unreal.

This doc page has been a very good starting point for me:

Especcially starting with the framework pages allowed me to quickly grasp the many facets a game developer has to deal with.

This was also especcially interesting: Introduction to C++ Programming in UE4 | Unreal Engine Documentation
And also these:
Unreal Architecture | Unreal Engine Documentation
Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation

All these pages provide a good overview of how the engine works and what it is capable of, enhancing the design step for your project and thus increasing your progression speed. I also like how they provide useful links to other pages that might be of interest. In my opinion, every developer should get used to those pages, since they offer a quick way to learn about important capabilities of the engine.

Note: I would love it if the first 3 pages could be improved on! More advanced topics could be added to those pages and the pages could be more comprehensive in general

Here’s how I learn.

First I would watch the Unreal Engine 4 tutorials:

Speaking of youtube you should follow Maverik, he makes incredible speed level design videos

Then I would watch the Unreal Engine Twitch livestreams:

Then I would stay active on twitter, and follow all the people who are doing awesome things with the engine, and ask them how they did it.
People like Luos, Elhoussine Mehnik, and so many other people. Follow @UnrealAlexander, he keeps highlighting them.

Then I answer people on answerhub, and the Unreal Engine developers community facebook group, the most common questions are related to light baking and proper UVs, luckily there is this awesome LightingTroubleshootingGuide that I keep recommending.

I also like this blog by Shader Bits, that has some intresting tutorials for how to create some fun shaders:

And also the for Level Design, and for art

There is also Tom Looman, and escpescially his naming convention guide that I use:

But another naming convention would be the one written by AwesomeAllar:

And finally there are always gold posts on the forums like these:
The learning templates:

Tutorial list from Jonas:

Procedural Rivers of Lava:

Blueprint: Helpful BP Functions:

Ratchet and Clank Guns, Gadgets and Mechanics series

Rama’s Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!
(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required! - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums!
Le Mélange:
Le Mélange - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums
The Siege and The Sandfox - A Stealthvania set in an ancient desert kingdom:
The Siege and The Sandfox - A Stealthvania set in an ancient desert kingdom - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums
Striving for Photorealism in UE4
Striving for Photorealism in UE4 - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums
IP rights relating to game development (a brief guide)
IP rights relating to game development (a brief guide) - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums
MultiEdit - Collaborative Level Editing Plugin
MultiEdit - Collaborative Level Editing Plugin - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums
Full Body IK Setup
BIK: Full Body IK Solver - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums
Free Grass Files and Textures Made With Future Polys Tutorial
Free Grass Files and Textures Made With Future Polys Tutorial - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums
Free Assets:
Free Assets - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums
[TUTORIAL] Bow and Arrow Setup - Youtube Link
[TUTORIAL] Bow and Arrow Setup - Youtube Link - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums
Auto Terrain Texturer Version 2 Release
Nature Environment in UE4
Nature Environment in UE4 - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums
Grappling and Climbing BP
Grappling and Climbing BP - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

P.S. Gamasutra can be a good source of articles too, in fact all my articles are posted on gamasutra

This Udemy Course has really help me dive into and understand programming in unreal.

Previously I had only had experience with c# but now I am more comfortable branching into c++.

This one is super simple for me. I started off with the stuff that Epic released on their YouTube and then graduated to the real pro stuff by Kitatus.

Between Zak at Epic and Kitatus at now Epic I could not have found a better start =)

I think this was a pretty good start for me when trying out C++ in UE4 for the first time: C++ Programming Tutorials | Unreal Engine Documentation

And anything with Zak Parrish is usually top notch as well.

So many. All mentioned here already I think! Tesla does useful bite size stuff that’s so accessible to category 1 newbies that I think a particular mention is deserved. I think the single best use of two hours I’ve seen is Zak’s on Blueprint Communications, which is a subject I struggled with for the longest time.

More recently as a category 2 newbie I’ve spent time with Hourences, Virtus Education, KITATUS and the Unreal Course on Udemy. And all the Epic stuff, obviously. Twin Stick Shooter being easiest to follow I think.

This wiki really helped me get started with AI behavior trees

I hugged him, told him he is my hero and then I just disappeared, so he probably thinks I’m weird, but Zak Parrish is the man! <3 On 2nd place both Wes Bunn and Jess Hider. Wes for all his amazing tutorial series on youtube and Jess with her website on wordpress

CONTENT EXAMPLES FOR THE WIN (after watching Unreals youtube stuff)
Then other stuff in the Learning Tab

Unreal Docs are pretty good, but sometimes you want to know what this function does and then you go to… Mathew Wadstein

For further understanding of the Unreal Framework probably exi and RomeroBlueprints (links were already posted I guess).

Best quality videos to Tech Art Aid:
Community hero award goes to Luos (and if you are into Particles, because he shows his whole workflow):
For some Material stuff Barry Lowndes (best POM explanation I know):

And if you know how to communicate with people, Discord. From what I see, some people get attention and could ask everything and get an answer, but if you are like me… a lone wolf with no friends and 0 skill to communicate with people, well, good luck ^^ <3

*Real Jess Hider page:

A famous ue4 learning site in Japan

Let’s Enjoy Unreal Engine

Link Collection
Unreal Engine 4 (Japanese)

Company site


These tutorials by you helped me get started on Unreal Engine, especially the Zak Parrish ones and the endless runner series!

Also TeslaDev tutorials are really nice and handy sometimes

And some of the Unrealtek tuts

Nothing new to add, but can I just give a +1 to all the links since I have used most of them along the way. The biggest help is really just the community in general. Whether it is the discord server, or the irc group, or the forums, or answerhub. I remember it was a bummer when UE4 first came out because the UDK forums were so stocked full of information and here we were starting over. But now everything is so filled up with great information 10x what the UDK forums were. It is very rare that I run into a problem that isn’t answered already somewhere. So shoutouts to everyone in the community that helps each other.

I searched through YouTube and found my own way through the Engine on my own and by testing ^^ and now provide some own tutorials for others ^^

Jonas Mølgaard - Great tutorials and loads of awesome and inspiring videos!

I would have to say there are 2 keys places that helped me

  1. The Unreal Engine Developer course by Ben Tristem. over Offered on the course offers over 30 hours of training. Best part is you can get it for as little as 10 when on sale
    course info can be found Unreal Engine 4 Course (Create Multiplayer Games with C++) | Udemy

  2. In case paid options do not count I would have to say a few youtubers. If I had to name one I would say Virtus Learning Hub

Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints creations
Creating a survival horror using UE4

The playlist can be found here

These c++ tuts are helping a lot

and coming back into the engine after being away for a while, this playlist was extremely helpful

Honestly I have learnt the most from Blueprints I picked up in the marketplace. Going through the code, seeing what the creator did and how they approached different problems.
Two I’ve learned from the most are:
The CCG Toolkit I never actually put the toolkit itself in anything i released but going through the way the original author handled the structs, data and animations on the cards was fantastically educational.

Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit Implementing this in a game thought me more about properly using Gamemodes than any tutorial I have ever done. Highly recommended.

Also I was watching Gladpus’ twitch stream yesterday and she was doing some awesome stuff with curves that I had never used before. Twas off the hook.

For Unreal Engine, I am still going through this Udemy course. It covers a lot of basics in a very approachable manner.

Another resource that I keep coming back to is A Tour of C++ (available legally on the isocpp website). Whenever I have a doubt about anything related to C++ it’s one of the first places I check. It’s pretty great if you already know how to program but aren’t an expert in the C++ language itself.

Thumbs up for the already mentionned Unreal Engine 4 Course (Create Multiplayer Games with C++) | Udemy. Absolutely perfect to get your hands on the Unreal Engine.

But the first ressources I ever worked with were the great tutorials included in the collector edition (or black edition) of Unreal Tournament III ! I’ve spent so much time on these.

Sound guy here! I would love to see more resources on audio for Unreal.

For now, I’ve watched mostly this channel:

I cannot reccomend enough the book Game Audio Implementation, by Richard Stevens and Dave Raybould. Great resource for sound designers of any level.

Besides that, most audio tutorials are quite basic. We need more resources!

On a separate note, I think the Lynda course on Unreal might be useful for beginners. Not free though.