How do I light all sides of this object?

So I have this water in my game but the problem is that it’s not lit correctly. It has to have a skylight in the game in order for the water to appear however it always appears like this:

So only the front part is lit while the back part is completely black. Is there a way to change my skylight settings so that both the front and the back parts appear?

Hello Brandon236,

I have a bit more information I would like form you.

1.) Do you have a light source in this scene? In other words do you have a light affecting the sky sphere?
2.) If not you may investigate using a directional light.
3.) You could also look into adding a slight emission for your water.

After these troubleshoots let me know if any of them fix the issue.

I do have a directional light and a skylight. The directional light doesn’t seem to do much because if I just had the directional light then the water will be completely black.

i would like to help, but please can you provide a bit more precise definition of “front/back” ? is the second picture describing a state in which you are looking at the sea from across it?

does it depend on your location? try moving deeper inside the “black” zone, does it move along with you?

The first picture is looking at the sea from one angle. The second picture is looking at the sea when you’re turned around 180 degrees from the first angle. If you look at the sea after turning 90 degrees from the first angle you’d see half visible and half black.

Yes. Doesn’t matter where I am, it’s always the same.

what if you go higher? like shitload higher?

may be my sick imagination, but i have a feeling that your skylight direction is 90/270 degrees, can it be true?

I put it up as high as possible but there’s still no difference because it doesn’t matter what position you’re in, it will still be dark on one side.

are you sure? ur sky color looks like it is sunset.
well try a few things,

  1. compile lighting (i hope you didn’t, because it will probably solve everything in that case)
  2. spawn/go to a high place and see how it looks from above, like idk 50+ meters above

check if you have “sky reflection” object placed (place it if not)
also try adding light importance volume of like 202020 around u
recompile lighting to see effect
also what happens if u add a dot-light? (L+mouse click)

Well it’s supposed to be a sunset but even if I change the time of day nothing happens. So I looked at the water from up high and the black zone is bigger while the visible zone is now much smaller. I tried moving the water down but the black zone is still in the same position.

What is a “sky reflection” object? I have a light importance volume around the map but it’s still dark. I managed to make it light by unchecking lower hemisphere is black but then I get this:

So why does it look like that? The front still looks normal but the back looks like…that.

try making the light importance volume much smaller, like 20x20y20z around u.

sky reflection is some thing u can find in “light” tab of object pool, near directional light.

I would like to test this further. There is any number of things causing this issue but without eyes on your specific scene and assets guess will be quite difficult.

If you would link me a dropbox I will look into this further. Also you can go to the forums > advanced search > search for user. Type in my name and you can send me a private message there.

I’m not sure that would work because the water was made by a plugin and I can’t seem to get in contact with the plugin creator. Here’s the link to the plugin:

Please note that while it claims to be updated for 4.9 I cannot for the life of me get it to work with 4.9 without some kind of error message so I’m using version 4.8.

you could at least tell it’s a plugin you are using…

Hey Brandon. Not exactly sure what you are doing but this works fine in both 4.8.3 and 4.9.2. All I did was download the Ocean Project and copied it’s content folder over to that of a blank project. I then added a landscape > assigned the M_Ocean material > changed the direction of the light and the sun height of the skysphere.

As you can see by the video it’s lit on all sides.

Then it must be a problem with my lighting. How do I change the direction of the light. I can’t change the height of the sun because for some reason if I change the value for the height then it automatically changes back.