Foliage & Parallax Occlusion Mapping Techniques used in Paragon - Live from Epic HQ

My God, I just create the dizziness and headache simulator. The texture was very strange, no matter the position or angle, near or far, the texture was always the same. I played for a few seconds, 10 seconds were enough to make me sick, even just using the monitor and not having a vr. In addition I need to adjust the size but do not know where to put the texturecoord

Re: Imposter Depth materials:
I haven’t tested depth render inside of the imposters for a while. I thought you meant the standard depthmap option. I will take a look but this is probably something easy to fix.

Re: messed up POM and where to hook up UVs
It looks like you have a scalar called ‘none’ hooked up to UVs. TextureCoord should go there instead.

It looks like your heightmap texture is both noisy and very sharp. Those are the two worst qualities for a POM material. Smoother and soft edges tend to displace much cleaner. Perhaps try blurring your image a bit. Also the resolution looks too low for the kind of subtle rotations you are doing with the tile shapes.

I’m gonna go ahead and try to debug it myself when I get the chance. If push comes to shove I’ll just manually place the trees and render it out. That being said, what about the persistent “Offset vector” text? Should I just delete the text from the BP to be rid of it? I suppose with an alpha mask it’s really not a problem at all…

I found what both problems are.

  1. Looks like a variable was not set properly in the RenderToTexture_LevelBP. Most likely the changes were probably only made in the Kite Demo branch and not properly merged back.

To fix, open the BP and find the ‘Imposter Sprites’ function. Right after where the “Add static mesh” node is, place down the ‘Imposter Mesh Components’ variable and add the components to it:

  1. looks like that text is not following the BP for some reason even though it is setting the position relative. If you move your BP to 0,0,0 it should fix it. I will just set location world and include action position offset. I am not sure why, but set position relative has been causing me lots of problems like this. edit doh, it was because “Manual Attachment” was checked which removes the relativity :slight_smile:

I forgot to move the BP to 0,0,0, so that one’s on me. Thanks a ton for quickly finding the solution. I swear with all the help I’ve gotten from you once our game is done I’m gonna have to either buy you beer or flowers, whichever one you prefer. =D

Hello! Where can i get content example room from this stream?

Great stream! Very informative :smiley:

Would love to see a stream about some programming. Especially the technical background of your networking stuff. Like, how did you setup a master server? How do you delegate a game to a specific server? Does every game has it’s own server instance or does each instance is running multiple games at the same time?

Hello, execuse me but im having some troubles to solve the shadow effect on POM, i have built the Blueprint and the material, but i have one doubth about what i should put on the (Scalar Parameters and Vector Parameters from MaterialParameterCollection)

@RyanB is there a chance that you could release the procedural branching BP without any example content in a no-questions asked manner? This looks incredibly awesome and I’d love to work with this. Basically just the uasset of the BP - no readme, nothing fancy that takes any time :slight_smile:

I dont think anybody would have any problem with that, the only issue that I know about is engine compatibility. I think the 4.11 pre release is still the latest build you guys have access to (correct me if I am wrong and there is some way to access later builds?), and I believe the BP was saved with an engine version slightly newer and also branched so I will have to check with one of the engine programmers on the timing of all that.

Yes, 4.11 pre 5 is the latest public build - but there is still Git which I assume contains more changes.

A realease would be incredibly awesome - even if it’s been saved with a newer version :slight_smile:

Does that BP use features that don’t exist in 4.10.2 or 4.11 preview 5 or is it about BP being saved with different version so uasset itself isn’t compatible?

I’d be happy to get even version saved on promoted build from github as then I could try to backport it to 4.10 or 4.11 binary versions (in case engine features support it).

Will we get material compilation optimisation (reusing the same instructions in pipeline (mentioned here - in 4.11?

In 4.11 preview 8, the POM node still has Z Offset as one of the outputs instead of World Position like in the video. What can I do inside the POM node to change this myself?

Hi RyanB, Now that 4.11 is officially released any chance we can access the Branching BP

I just got back from vacation last week and was planning to take a stab at migrating the stuff over this week.

No promises though, as for some reason I am having a bug that is causing the twist value to be incorrect causing a seam between all branches. I had fixed that bug at one point so I am not sure why it crept back in.

re: WorldPosition vs Z offset.

The worldpostion would be the incoming worldposition minus the Zoffset times the VertexNormal.

So OffsetWorldPos = StartWorldpos - (Zoffset * vertexnormal)

And yes, material optimizations were in 4.11.

Welcome back, Thanks for taking a stab at it! fingers crossed you squash the bug as this is a really handy blueprint

Any updates on the vines?

@RyanB - Curious if you ever got around to porting that tree/vine blueprint over for releasing. It looks really fun to play around with.

Feel free to mess with it and give me feedback. There is still one bug with spline orientation when a vine traces from the ground to a wall that I have been meaning to fix (it was fixed at one point but not sure what broke it again).

Try the level called SplineThicken.umap. Some of the map files may not open in 4.13 but most should. This includes some proto coral assets and the dead vine spline textures I did for paragon.