Foliage occlusion bounds too big

Hello, while playing around with the visualizers in the “Show” tab in the viewport to see if there’s any other visualizer that could help me improve optimization in my game I stumbled upon a visualizer that is called “HISM/Foliage Occlusion Bounds”:

When I enabled it I saw that the bounds of the foliage where pretty big:

For what I know about Occlusion Bounds is that they are the ones that disable visibility of their respective objects when you can’t see it either because there another 3d model thats occluding the visibility or you’re not looking at it.
And I also know it’s not that recommended to have big bounds for an object because it will render even if you’re not looking at it, so my question is, How can I make the bounds of the foliage smaller so that the game doesn’t have to calculate a very big group of foliage even if I am only seeing a bit of it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: