[Feature Request] Variable Fonts


Variable Fonts, or OpenType Font Variations, were introduced on 2016 and have various benefits:

  • Efficiency
    Variable fonts can improve efficiency by reducing the need for multiple font files, which can speed up loading times and decrease server requests. This can also lead to smaller apps and faster-loading web pages.
  • Control
    Variable fonts allow designers to control the font to fit the design, rather than the other way around. For example, designers can stretch or contract the font to fit the space available, or make precise adjustments to achieve the desired layout. This can be especially useful for mobile-first design, where the font can be adjusted to be legible on any screen size or device.
  • Creativity
    Variable fonts can allow designers to offer more creative solutions to clients by adapting the font to the specifics of the text and page design without needing to use multiple fonts. For example, users can directly select axes values, such as a custom weight between two named instances of weight. Programs can also indirectly select axes values based on context, such as automatically selecting an optical size instance using the current point size.

And yet its 2024 and we don’t have access to this feature in UE5 D: