[Feature request] FBX specular color import (+PATCH)

While it sounds interesting, specular is barely used in ue4… only for very specific situations.
Roughness is the important value in ue4.

Is it a good idea to automatically assign a specular value to each unreal materials in which its FBX material has a specular color assigned to it? I have a bunch of materials imported from the FBX and there are lot of materials that shouldn’t shine (specular of 0, which is a property specified on each materials inside the FBX), so manually assigning a specular value to 400+ unreal materials takes a lot of time.

I just made a diff patch (UE4 master branch) to assign a specular value for an unreal material if its FBX material specifies a specular value, it’s up to the UE4 team to decide whether or not it should be featured.

Unfortunately, roughness doesn’t fix my issue.

Here is a comparison :


Material without roughness

Material without specular

The third image is what fits my temporary need.

EDIT : I just have tried with a roughness of 1 and higher, and it looks like it helps but the material is still shinning especially where it shouldn’t, like on stone walls.

well, thats what you get for not using a proper roughness texture, nor a proper albedo texture instead of diffuse.