AnswerHub Migrating to the Unreal Engine Forums

Hey everyone, we are excited to begin the next phase in the revamp of the Unreal Engine community online experience!

The first step took place earlier this year, when we shifted to a new platform for the Unreal Engine forums. You’ll immediately see a few changes as we update the categories and add new functionality into the forum site, in preparation for the next step—migrating the AnswerHub experience to the forums.


  • Question and Answer (Q&A) functionality, to replace AnswerHub
  • New Knowledge Base article section
    • Topics can be tagged as KBs and will appear in the dedicated KB section
    • To start, we are bringing over many KBs that are currently only found on UDN, and will continue to add new articles as they’re posted
  • Custom avatars for trust level 2+ community members
  • Site style changes
  • Gallery-style browsing for Work In Progress and Released Projects categories

Our goal with this transition is to help you receive and get to the answers you seek more quickly. We also hope this’ll make it easier to determine where to post your questions, by condensing the discussion and Q&A experiences into a single site.

So, what will the process look like?

AnswerHub will be put in a read-only state and you will no longer be able to post on the site as we begin pulling the data, including all posts and accounts. We plan to begin merging the data into the live forums next week. During this time, categories will become unavailable on a rotating basis as the questions from AnswerHub are integrated. This work will be done in waves to minimize overall forum downtime.

Once complete, all existing AnswerHub links should redirect to their new home in the forums and search engine results should be untouched. After we confirm that everything is fully migrated and in order, AnswerHub will be taken offline.

After that?

We want to continue expanding resources to support you.

Beyond migrating existing KBs from UDN, we’d like to create new KBs based on popular or common questions within the community, and add community KBs driven by all of you and the issues you are hitting. We’d like you all to be able to contribute; we just need to work out the format and permissions.

Work is also continuing on additional Q&A functionality, including nested answers.

For support, we hope that growing traffic and increasing visibility on your questions will improve user-to-user help, but we’re also exploring the addition of a dedicated community support team, a group of individuals solely focused on answering questions and offering solutions within our forums/the future Hub.

So this is not the final step for the community space, but one of many. There are additional updates and changes planned over the coming months, and please keep in mind that this effort is ongoing—we welcome your feedback and will do our best to pull it into future iterations of the site.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding as we go through this process!

Your UE Community team <3


It would be nice if it looks like the explore main page of artstation

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Glad to hear custom avatars are coming, though not sure what trust level 2 is? =P

The changes to WIP section sounds interesting. Any chance something like that might be incorporated to the Marketplace section?

Also any ETA on bringing back signatures? =)

Clicking profile pic shows your own. Now, do we start counting at 1 or are those badges in an array?


Interesting, clicking on that brings you to a description that says Member is trust level 2. I’m not able to use a custom avatar though so maybe they haven’t implemented that just yet.

It also seems the levels are granted by activity rather than overall post count. Gotta say I miss my purple Epic Mega Dev title. xD

That’s planned for 2023 Covid-19 phase Omega 3. :wink:

Work is also continuing on additional Q&A functionality, including nested answers.

The other thing I really miss is downvoting answers (and upvoting / downvoting questions). I understand that we’d like to keep everything constructive, but on AnswerHub (and StackOverflow) when there’s an answer with a score of -3, you know that you shouldn’t even read it because it’s wrong or irrelevant, and if there’s one with +22 you know it’s gonna work.

Same for questions. Like there’s this one: How to get a string property by name
If the poster spent as much time by checking out if there’s a String version as they did by writing the question, they would’ve figured it out themselves (and then there are much worse questions than this one on AnswerHub). I’d wholeheartedly -1 these “filler” questions (and basically the ones that have an instant answer as a first result in Google).


Thats my question! I know it seems bad, but actually im willing to bet alot of newbies have such problems. I could not have found that thing i was looking for just using the intelisense suggestions, its not that easy.

Ahh, sorry man, it’s nothing personal, just an example I have used, maybe navigating in VS is worse than I remember (I have switched to Rider some time ago). Maybe it wasn’t the best example, I just picked the one I have recently opened, there are much, much worse questions out there (which, I still think needs up/downvoting).


I have a problem with the website
I keep getting logged out several times a day. This is very annoying when you want to read documentation and forum, visit courses or browse the marketplace. What can I do about it?


Btw: To open a new topic was denied or I can’t choose a tag…

It must be here now then, got my brand new profile pic. =P

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Screencapped in case they take it away…


But did it really happen if you don’t frame it and put it up on your wall too? :thinking:

Feels kinda narcissistic to hang my own logo onto my own wall… Maybe a 3d printed version of the 3D modeled version…

I don’t mean to put the team down, but unless the engine starts working properly the forum/website won’t be seeing increased traffic. MAYBE if UE5 turns out not to be a dud…
So in other words: I’m glad Epic is finally putting someone on the task of answering questions :slight_smile:

Also glad about the avatars :slight_smile:

Wondering what “Site style changes” involves.
I don’t see much of anything but I’m also using a custom dark theme or something I selected initially if I recall correctly. (for all I know, those options went away :P)

Yes, finally! I am so happy! :slight_smile:

I have to admit I did not expect it to happen.

This sounds interesting, I would love to be a part of this support team, especially if its a paid position. Some of the best practice I had learning UE4 was from helping people answer their questions. Are there any certifications needed?

I plan to study everything I can about UE5 and teach it to people, while reporting bugs and helping the community out.

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Dear Community,

My favorite part of your lovely update, oh Captain of the Community, Amanda:

Yes, only in Unreal Engine, Dear Friends in this Forum, do :star2: Epic Staff :star2: get to use hearts in their initial posts to make sure all of us have a Happier Day after reading!

Thank you for the heart Amanda!

:sparkling_heart: Unreal Engine Community Will Always Be The Best :sparkling_heart:

Because we have the forum you can go to where people are going out of their way to be nice to each other!



I hope Everyone has a Joyful Christmas!

:unicorn: Here is a Christmas Gift from me to you! :unicorn:

This picture is pretty much guaranteed to boost your mood, if you tune into the color patterns, and the color-shift that occurs in the Unicorn’s horn!


:zap: Second Christmas Gift For You From Rama :zap:, a Song I Composed in Unreal Engine

This is a rendition of 1812 Overture that I created using Unreal Engine, which uses only strings for every instrument track.

So this song was made with UE4 C++, as the UE4 software I wrote to do all this is extremely C++ intensive.

Why only strings?

Because I know Tchaikovsky loved strings the most, and I wanted to pick a single instrument in order to emsure that timbre differences between instruments would not affect the harmonics of the notes combining with each other.

An A6 note on a Tuba is actually different than a A6 note on a violin, because of timbre differences, which are based on the actual materials used to make the music instrument. I wanted all of the actual frequencies themselves, not just the approximate semitone scale values, to precisely line up at the hertz level (atomic level of music), so I use only 1 instrument set for all roles/tracks in the 1812 Overture Finale.

Believe it or not, even the room in which an instrument is played affects the final Harmonics of the note.

By using my own UE4 software, I could negate all differences of timbre and room / recording system of the note, thus ensuring the Purest Possible Harmonics where only the notes are still relevant, staying true to the Original Composer’s intentions of Pure Harmony.

I then precisely tuned the Harmonics of the song using audacity, after quantizing the original midi file using UE4 C++ so that the Harmonics will align properly, like expanding ripples in a pond combining at just the right timings.

The result is a song that will help you to feel Joy :rainbow:, no matter what is going on for you in your life.

You are welcome to share this song with anyone in need,

anyone in need of Joy, which is Pure Harmony :rainbow:



:heart: Happy Holidays Everyone! :heart:

PS: The fastest route to Harmony that I know of is to give someone a compliment. If you give someone a compliment today, I guarantee your day will be better for it!


So it seems that this migration has taken place, but currently those redirects are all just pointing to the index for all forum posts with the “Question” tag. This makes it extremely difficult to actually find the answer you’re looking for — you basically need to use the WaybackMachine or Google’s cached result to find the actual content of the original AnswerHub link. Are there any plans to implement proper redirects to someplace the actual content can be viewed? This is kind of a nightmare for productivity.

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Hey @dannymcgee—we’re aware of this issue and are seeking to correct it ASAP. It shouldn’t be redirecting to the overall Q&A experience instead of the specific pages—we’ll circle back as soon as this is fixed!