Answerhub: There was an error contacting the remote service

Same issue here. Tried multiple PCs (different locations) and different browsers on different modes, cleared caches and cookies. No dice.

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I am also getting this error, very discuraging for new users?

From reading history I believe there is magic fix that admins can apply to my acct. can i please be granted access so i may use the site without receiving all errors? please

Hi there! I am also getting the same error on while UDN is working fine. Can you please fix this for my account?

Same problem here, except I also get a white screen saying: “There Was An Error Contacting the Remote Service” when I first log in. Please fix.

I am experiencing this same issue! If someone can help me, that would be great.

I have same problem. please help me. My account is

Also have this issue.
Is there any way to resolve this without an admin hopefully taking notice of these forum posts?

I also can’t log in to
“There was an error contacting the remote service” is displayed.

@Stephen_Ellis Could you check my account for issues as well? Im unable to login to answerhub from any device/browser mode. If everything is fine please advice on possible fixes from my end. Thank you.

Apologies for missing this for so long. The forums didn’t give me a notification, or it was lost during the site transition. Your Answerhub account is fixed now


Your Answerhub accounts are now fixed.

To the rest, unfortunately I was not able to identify any issue which I can resolve.

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Mine works now BTW. I guess it got fixed a few months ago.

@Stephen_Ellis Can you check my account also please?

I was able to fix the issue with your Answerhub account.

Same issue here. Please help.

I have been having the same issue for months and now I’m also getting another error:

Can you please fix this? Thank you in advance!

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Same here.

My account doesn’t work on Answerhub, can I please get a fix?

Effective today, the UE Answerhub website is now in READ-ONLY mode as we migrate away from the Answerhub platform and over to these forums in the new Q&A section.

More information is available here: Answerhub-migrating-to-the-Unreal-Engine-forums

There is no longer a need to investigate/resolve account issues that occurred on the Answerhub platform, and this topic is being closed.