Answerhub: There was an error contacting the remote service

Hi guys, I’ve been getting this message whenever I try to access the answerhub - both at home and at work, I’m assuming there’s something wrong with my account? cleared all cookies/temp files e.t.c, anyone know what I can do about it?

Same Problem!!!Wonder Why

I get that error to.

Same here when I’m logging into UDN

Kogoshi and FalsettoSin - There was an issue with your Answerhub accounts, and I have fixed the problem. You may need to log out and clear cache/cookies, but the issue should be fixed.

Ullmatta - I am not able to identify any issue with your account. I recommend also logging out and trying to clear cache/cookies. You can also try to log in with a different browser or Chrome’s incognito mode to determine if the issue is unique to your browser’s cache/cookies.

Overtwatch04 - If you are supposed to have UDN access, then make sure you are logging in with your Epic account associated with your professional email address. The UDN can sometimes experience cache/cookie issues if you have two different Epic accounts that you switch between. I recommend logging out of your personal account from, then visiting the UDN and logging into your professional account. You may need to clear your cache/cookies, and can also try to login with a different browser or Chrome’s incognito mode to test. If you are still having problems, please contact [EMAIL=“”] (note this is only for the private UDN website)

Same problem :frowning: Same problem even in incognito mode, Tryed Chrome, Yandex, going to try firefox next

Fixed. Please try again.

Seems to be working now, thanks a lot, this has been an issue for so long!

Same problem here, the problem lasts for two weeks for me =/

ffuhro - I am not able to identify any issue with your account. Please try logging in from a different browser or Chrome’s incognito mode. Let me know your results.

I have the same issue, please fix it for me. My account is

I see a different issue.

You do not have ANY account on the Answerhub yet. What exactly happens when you try to log on?

Mine is unreal development network account. To whom should I report this problem?

Ah. The UDN is a different website. I am sending you a private message here on the forums. Please respond to me there (click “Messages” near the top of the forums)

Good day,

I’m unable to log in
Here is the error that I’m receiving:

Please, advise.
Thank you!

I have fixed the issue. You should now be able to log in. (may need to clear browser cache/cookies)


It worked! Thank you!

Same problem here to, I never succeeded to connect on Answerhub

Your account has now been fixed.

Same here happening on UDN, thanks