AnswerHub Migrating to the Unreal Engine Forums

It seems to be working for me now — that was quick!


Images in posts migrated from AnswerHub appear to be missing, eg:

There were two images in the original post, which are now rendered as dead links to:

Was the intention to only migrate the post text without the images, or has something gone wrong in the process?

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That’s in progress. We have all the images in our archive, but the team has let me know that restoring them may take a couple days.



Do you have any update on this? I can’t see the responses to many answered questions due to that :frowning:


Answerhub links are still returning “Oops this page is private or doesn’t exist”

Are there plans to restore images and old answerhub posts in the new forums?

EDIT: if you click through the links on this page, they all go to random pages Viewport flickering


It’s been more than two weeks; any update on this? It’s making a massive amount of content on this forum completely useless.


Would be great if someone could also look into why some of us users who definitely have old enough accounts and level to see content cannot see basic stuff either.

Been having this
“Oops this page is private or doesn’t exist” for idk 6 months+ now and it is getting tiresome.



There still seems to be quite some missing images on the forum.
So far from the few threads I have checked it looks like pngs are having an issue being linked in?
all jpgs seem to link and display fine.

Pngs are replaced with a generic transparent image that inherits the size of the original image.

Here is one example. How get the current Steering value of a Vehicle Wheel

The jpgs render, the pngs do not.
Is this something that can be fixed?

As mentioned before it renders alot of threads useless as many answers and hints lay within the images.

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This is really great news, I always wanted this kind of community where everything is in one place with a slick and modern user experience.
Can I just ask for a few more options on the colors available, a few more “Dark Mode” shades to customize the site further?