How get the current Steering value of a Vehicle Wheel

Hi Guys,

Please be gentle I am still wrapping my head around the blueprints :slight_smile:

I managed to setup and get a vehicle running as per the instructions given by Unreal tutorials.
The vehicle looks grans and works well for what it is. Now i want to add some basic animations to non critical shapes on the mesh, Such as the steering wheel for instance.

I have the mesh prepared and skinned to turn the steering wheel based on a float input.

How do i get the current steering value of a “Vehicle Wheel” and then pass it to the Animation Blueprint to control the steering wheel?

I had a really hacking blueprint working where i retrieved the input value of the players X axis input and passed that to the animation blueprint, its not really clean, I really would like to access the current steering value directly.

Below are some images that might help put this in context.

Is what I am asking even possible?



Well it seems i was attempting to make this alot harder than what it needs to be.
Just as i submitted the post above i found the “Bone Driven controller” which basically almost completely provided a solution, except…

While we are at a standstill and turn the bone, it moves perfectly.
When we drive forwards or backwards the bone snaps by about 45 degrees round and round.

What would cause behaviour like this?

For those interested here is what my animGraph now looks like using the Bone Driven Controller,


And the above solution actually didn’t fully work because the Z component (Steering Axis) was reset everytime the The wheel did on whole revolution while driving (Y Axis)
The workaround was less than desirable but actually works pretty well, I have a fairly complex rig with many bones and parts almost completely controlled by the wheels and this technique.

I Hope it helps Others in a similar situation :slight_smile: The LookAt Function and Bone Driven Controller are your friends here :smiley:

Thank you…thank you…thank you!!!

i foolowed this tutorial to move my caar and it works good. but how can i turn my steering wheel.JohnADaniels