WTF! Vault empty! I want a refund of everything.

I finally have a day to spend on messing around with a bunch of content I’ve bought.
And … the Library/Vault is empty.
I get a 500 error trying to visit it on the web.

You may say that “it’s just one day,” but that doesn’t capture it.
I won’t get another day like this in a long while.

I have very few days to enjoy playing around with this stuff.
You just ruined one of these few days – one of the major reasons I’ve spent HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in the marketplace this year.
I’m quite upset. The one time I actually need it, and it doesn’t work.

How about: Just refund all my purchases, and I’ll re-buy stuff if and when I have another chance to use it. And if you’re not available then, you’ll lose those purchases.
I wanted to file this against the customer service people, but I can find no customer service link in the account pages.

PayPal will allow me to charge back these purchases for the last 180 days, so that’s my worst case scenario. Let’s find something better. (But I’m **really ********!)

It looks like a potential marketplace error, it’ll likely be resolved soon. It’s not very realistic to get a full refund of all your purchases, and that wouldn’t be fair to the marketplace creators, who have no control over the marketplace functionality, if they were losing money from people refunding purchases because the vault/market is temporarily down.

As Hippowombat mentioned, this is outside of our control. Believe me, we’re just as upset about this as you are. Filing a dispute with PayPal will not yield the results you’re seeking since this is beyond the control of the seller, and if anything will only flag your UE4 account as that behavior would come across as fraudulent. This is definitely one of the reasons I like online distributors such as Gumroad, because things like this don’t happen. Hopefully this gets resolved swiftly.

This is absolutely within Epic’s control, and it’s EPIC who took my money and then didn’t deliver.
I don’t see how it’s unfair to the creators, because I can’t actually use the content.
Filing a dispute will get me my money back and will take away that content from my vault, which is fine.
I’ll just re-buy whatever seems cool whenever I next have some free time.



Yeah JohnF just like most of the other marketplace creators are not Epic staff members. Would you blame a seller on eBay if eBay went down? Of course not, they don’t run eBay they just sell their stuff there. Same principal here.

Hey @jwatte if you purchased something from my staff I can give assess to them from my story.
I think you purchased assets to use them. If so there is no difference you will get them.

I understand the difference between creators and EPIC.
I also understand that EPIC pays creators when people purchase content in their store.
I also understand that when people don’t get what they pay for, they get their money back.
Note that the PayPal stateents say that I gave my money to EPIC, not any particular creator.
If EPIC has already paid out to creators, then that’s their mistake, and whether they claw the money back from creators for their own failure is between EPIC and creators.
(I think most of the refund angst for creators would go away if EPIC simply delayed payouts until there was no risk of refunds. That would probably create payment delay angst instead. It sounds angsty being a creator :slight_smile:

I am sorry @jwatte, but by you action you punishing creators. For my opinion you just use the the situation to have assets and not pay for them.
I will ask Epick to ban you from purchase my assets in future.

  • Epic facilitates the purchases of content on their marketplace, creators don’t get any kickback from Epic for selling stuff on their marketplace if that’s what you’re understanding, quite the opposite in fact, we take a 30% hit on each sale.
  • Note that you did in fact receive a license to the software you purchased when you purchased it, access to it via the vault is essentially a bonus because it allows what equates to a cloud storage alternative for the content, otherwise you can download your purchases to your machine immediately and you won’t have to worry about the vault or other marketplace functions being down.

Hopefully I was able to address your concerns, and again, I’m sure Epic is working to resolve the vault issue happening currently. Not trying to sound rude, I just feel like your outlook on the whole marketplace purchasing/facilitating process seems a bit cynical, and may be leading you to compound the frustrations your currently feeling to something that’s a bit overkill.

@jwatte, your problem is with the servers being down for one day and sales payout are already delayed by 45 days from end of the month which has been controversial enough as it is.
You would be better off waiting for a day or two to wait for these issues to resolve as what you’re stating only implies impatience and contempt for creators on your part.

Hmmm… hahaha
Seems like you aren’t aware of the 45 days delay… :cool:

Kidding aside, they *did *deliver. You just didn’t download any of the content you have purchased and waited to download hundreds of dollars worth of content in one day when you feel like it. And the hand of fate(?) decided the marketplace goes down the same day you feel like downloading the content you have purchased maybe over a month ago. That makes it more difficult to give you a refund for every one of your purchases because the fault is 50-50 between you and Epic (in my opinion). Technical issues happen all the time in online markets everywhere.

Tell me about it, cringe thread of the year award goes to…

I guess you didn’t read my original post?

Free time is extremely precious to me. There is no next day to wait for, Not being available today is like booking a vacation, only to be told that the hotel will be available a week after you arrive, after you’ve already gone back.

What I, as a customer, am buying from EPIC is the access to content. They choose to give creators money to provide content to them, but they themselves provide the access.
When I, as a customer, don’t get the access, I expect EPIC to make me whole. Whatever business relationship EPIC chooses to have with creators, is none of my business.

Btw: 45 days? Most big box stores don’t pay their suppliers until 90 days after sale (not delivery) – because the stores, in turn, don’t get paid by the credit card companies until 90 days after customer purchase settlement. So 45 days sounds unsafe on behalf of EPIC. Chargebacks can come way after that.
And, yes, this means that the seller of silverware shipping stuff to Target to be sold, does so without immediate payment. In fact, Target probably charges them a slotting fee to put them on shelves at all.
Life in retail is absolutely brutal on the sellers. Because the customer reaaly shouldn’t have to pay if they don;t get what they pay for. As a customer, I’m OK with this!

Bottom line is this isn’t grounds for a refund. You won’t be the first to try going through a PayPal dispute, and believe me the outcome for those who tried was not what they were expecting. Disputes aren’t a one way street, PayPal actually investigates individual cases and gets in contact with all parties involved. You will only have wasted your time and as this thread has shown gain a bad name amongst sellers and the community for even trying to take this out on creators. If your purchases were offline indefinitely you would have a case, but one day isn’t grounds for a justifiable complaint let alone a refund. It isn’t any of our fault that you decided not to download your content that you purchased all year, or that the day you chose to download it the servers are down.

This is actually why I download everything I purchase from the marketplace. Because you will never be without downtime, and it’s better to have it on your harddrive than in the cloud somewhere. Especially for expensive purchases.

Dude. Take your meds.

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Hi Guys,

I did post this in the sticky but I wanted to let you guys know here as well, we did receive the all clear on a fix for this. So please go ahead, log out and restart your launchers and make sure everything looks in order. If you find that there’s still issues or something looks off, please contact us at:

Again we do apologize for the inconvenience here, please let us know if you have any other questions.



Look at that, Smarkoff to the rescue! Thanks :slight_smile: