World Partition Cells not unloading properly

Hey everyone,

The team is aware of this issue and plans to have it addressed by 5.1.



i have also made a bug form here : Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-151797)
but no fix till now…

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here is a bug demo

Hello, I have the same problem and waiting for a fix

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thank you ryan, this is really good news! this is exactly what i was hoping to hear.

Thats all the proof anyone ever needed to treat this as a bug: A perfect octhedral shape from remaining border cells.

Octhedral loading shouldnt just be locked to the the world center, it should travel with the actor/camera and rebase itself form the new location.
No wonder the engine gets 10fps…

I encountered the same issue.

Had the same issue on a much smaller map, I unchecked “enable streaming” and everything is loaded. I don’t think this fixes the issue, but works as a temporary solution until they fix the bug

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I have the same issue currently, happy to hear that it’s being worked on because world-partition + landscapes just seems like a broken feature at the moment.

So there is still no fix for this? :confused:

as @RyanBickell said, the bug will be fixed in the 5.1 release, till there I guess you can work with enabled streaming unchecked and wait for the new release.

hi everyone,

unreal engine 5.1 preview is released and i went and did some testing for this issue. i can happily confirm that the problem has been fixed. maybe this will require some further deeper testing but so far i’ve been getting good results.

all the landscape tiles unload properly and only the tiles in the immediate range that you setup in streaming settings are loaded.

it goes without saying, it’s only a PREVIEW version, we will have to wait and see for the full final release. but good job Epic team :+1:

Hello, hello!
I’ve been pulling my hair out all afternoon, until I found this thread :smiley:
I thought I must be doing something wrong, but it looks like it’s actually just really, really buggy right now?
Just posting here to keep the thread alive, because I can’t get WP to work predictably at all.
I tried WP in 5.0.3, creating a new map and converting an old map. Tried the same thing in 5.1.0 preview. Always the same results.

I basically just create an array of 1m cubes which sit on an array of 30m planes.
Everything streams in an out unpredictably.

Some cubes remain visible the entire time, same with the planes… Just won’t cull.
When I start moving, random planes and cubes pop into view, even way beyond the distance I had set. I move backwards, some won’t cull anymore.

Lighting setup I had done via Env Mixer won’t load at all after play start (neither ingame, nor in editor after exiting), needed to use the little pin icon to get them back.

The world partition mini-map display is also breaking for me in 5.1.0, permanently displaying the click/drag selection outlines (when trying to select regions to load in) etc etc. :smiley:
Oh and sometimes the editor crashes altogether when I try to view the 3D debug. :sweat_smile:

In this state I find WP totally unusable… but it really seems to work ok for some people. Any thoughts at all why it works for some users and not for others?

Nonetheless, great stuff, love UE :heart:

made a quick little recording as demonstration of the system working as intended in 5.1 preview.

the landscape chunks get loaded properly when in range (green cells) and unloaded but remain in memory (purple cells) and finally fully unloaded ( red cells). no octree pattern of unloaded mess remaining.
this behavior was completely missing before 5.1 preview. this was the main topic of this thread wich now seems to be solved.

I mean… is it octree? Does it now support vertical loading?
Quadtree otherwise.

I’d love it if it supported vertical loading, but I doubt it does?

yep it was quadtree actually, mb. i would assume the quadtree system is still there in 5.1, just working propely now so we dont see it’s artifacts.

i would very much love to see vertical loading. im working on an underwater open world game and having the ability to use world partition vertically as u dive deeper and deeper would be amazing.
i saw a livestream some time ago where some dev said it may be a feature coming some time in the future. let’s hope?