With and without garbage collector

Hello guys,

I have a quick question for you.
Speaking of performance, I want to make a project with and without a garbage collector will be any significant performance increase if I’m not gonna use it? I want to make a game for mobile platforms so that’s why I’m asking.



In small scaling like a mobile game you will not spot any difference, because there will be small amount of garbage collected classes…

In a big scaled game where you use 100000 different actor class and each one will be GC-d well, maybe you spot some difference in performance…

No make sense to disable garbage collection especially in mobile games, because garbage collector helps you a lot in memory usage!
Which is critical in mobile games… if you turn off and you forgot to clean up memory manually, your game can easily cause memory leaks and high memory usage… which unacceptable on mobile i think :slight_smile:

So this is a tradeoff kind thing… What is better GC using 1-2ms on cpu side sometimes? or risking 1-2gb memory usage on mobile? :slight_smile:

After all Epic updated a lot in GC code to increase his performance… and runs really smooth