Why is my character lighted?

Hey guys, my character (blueprint) is lighted even in a dark ambient. How can I solve this?

Maybe check its material - isn’t it set to emissive or something?

As fighter suggested in your forum post, this is a Physics Asset problem. Did you have to scale the mesh up in the BP after you imported it or is this the normal size? If it was too tiny when you imported then you’ll need to solve the scaling issue in Blender first and then reimport.

nope, it doesn’t have an emissive channel. I tried with the mesh (without being in a blueprint) and it still bright. maybe something with the character? (sorry for bad english, I speak portuguese)

I made it with Blender, and in the first time, the ue4 gave me a message like “The size of bones are too small to create a physics asset”. Then, I resized the mesh and the armature in blender, and I imported it again. Now, the physics asset is created automatically, but it doesn’t changed anything in mesh. I resized the skeletal mesh a little in blueprint but even with the scale 1.0 (It’s original size) the model is lighted (again, sorry for bad english)

Okay, I solved it. I don’t know if this is the correct way for doing that but it’s working for me. I just changed the ILCQ settings in the Skeletal Mesh Proprieties > Lighting > Cast Shadows (Click in that little arrow to expand the options) and change the ILCQ from Point to OFF. It’s now respecting the ambient light. Thanks for you who replied. (again, sorry for bad english)