Why does my editor freeze after compiling shaders?

Every time it says it’s finishing compiling shaders, everything freezes. I tried re-installing it, but that didn’t help. Any suggestions? I can’t make a single material now.

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Does this only happen for you when trying to compile a new material?

Also, could you provide us with a copy of your DxDiag?



No, whenever I add in something like a constant to a material, and add a color, it automatically says compiling shaders and the bottom of the screen, which is also a bit of a problem because the numbers become huge 100s then 1000s. Anyways whenever the I get the message saying finishing shader compilation (which should take only 1 second) everything freezes, and says not responding in task manager. And sorry, but I’m not sure what the DxDiag is…but thanks for the reply!

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Has this improved since the 4.1.1 update? Please let us know if you are still having trouble with this. Thank you!

It has increased the performance, but it still freezes at the same point I described, and my color picker is still gone. I got Unreal on my mac, to see if the same problem persisted, and it did. I also don’t have a color picker on my mac computer either, and it freezes at the same point too. So I know it has something to do with my account, any way I can reset it?

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Your Dxdiag would definitely be the next step, and the mac specs as well. To get the dxdiag, go to your start menu on windows and type cmd into the searchbar. Open the cmd window that it suggests. In the cmd window, just type in dxdiag and press enter. This will lead you to your system specs. You can save this information to a .txt document and upload that here. For the mac just go to the mac apple, press "about this mac, then press more info. List for us the Processor, RAM, video card, and any other information you think might help us to analyze this issue. Thank you!

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I’m going to close this question as a duplicate, the other question can be found here.

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