Why do variables stop replicating when data rate exceeds 10KB/s


I have observed a problem in my networked game, where variables stop replicating completely when the data rate exceeds what seems to be about 10KB/s.

I have set the following values in the config files:





I’ve tried different values, but it always seems to be 10KB/s that variables stop replicating.
And I’ve also confirmed that they are being read correctly, by checking them at runtime. As I understand it, I think this should set the maximum data rate per connection at 50000B/s, and the max data rate divided between all connections at 600000B/s. So why would replicated variables stop replicating when the data rate exceeds 10KB/s?

From testing, RPCs still seem to get through, even Unreliable ones (although some Unreliable RPCs are droppped at higher data rates).

I’m aware that RPCs are prioritized over replicated variables, but there should be plenty of spare bandwidth anyway.

If it matters, I’m testing in the editor.

Have I misunderstood the function of the above variables in the config file? Otherwise, does anyone know why this might be happening?

Thanks very much

I’ve done some more testing, and increasingly suspect this to be a bug, so I’ve submitted a bug report:

Hello Jonwood,

I see that you made another post in the Bug Reports section about this issue over at this link:

I’ll be closing this one as a duplicate as we’ll be handling the correspondence over in that section. Please refer to the other post for any further assistance. We’ll get to you as soon as we can.