Why are my Indoor Shadows so dark!


Maybe you’ll need to use different post process volumes for the different areas of your map…
I was playing a bit with your screenshot…

I think your material(s) could be too dark for the benches… maybe even the bricks…
Are you using enough skylight bounces?
…lightmass importance volume around the area?

I’m using 8 bounces for both the skylight and indirect lighting. Which makes me believe its not the issue. I downloaded a pack etc so i’m not sure which post processing settings to change without effecting things too much. Its a tricky one because the post processing is fine when outside but the inside needs correcting. However, the sky is visible from the inside so changing it was drastically alter the sky.

Hi everyone,

I’m having a major issue with my lighting that I cannot seem to fix. I first thought it was my exposure settings but I’ve turned the min/max brightness to 1.0. The outdoor lighting appears to be fine as you can see from the screenshot, but the indoor area which i’m trying to light is super dark and there are lights in the scene, its not correct at all.