Where's the GDC 2014 Demo Level?

Is the GDC 2014 demo available anywhere? I’m specifically talking about the one in this video - http://youtu.be/9hwhH7upYFE?t=5m59s

I want to take a look at the interactive materials, e.g. the fire, water, and metal materials and others. I’ve looked at every single Content Example level without finding them.

Hi Smozius,

This has not been made publicly available. There is possibility of this being made available in the future. I will check status and if it’s a possibility of being released via the Marketplace or added into the Content Examples I will post back here.

Thank you!


Any luck?


The person who made the level is out for a few more days on travel. I will have to touch base with them sometime next week to see what the possibility of this being released is. Thank you for being patient. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply!

Hi Smozius,

There has been a push to get this released soon! While a lot of the content in there has been released with previous things, like Content Examples, there are a lot of cool materials and things to check out in there as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a specific date for this but it will more than likely be in the next couple of engine release updates. Definitely not for 4.3 but afterwards.

There is some things that need to be cleaned up and making sure that it’s up to the standards of other projects that have been released with Content Examples and projects available on the Marketplace.



Hi Divo,

You’re right about that one. There are some materials and setups that are included already in the content examples while there are some materials and and effects that have not been previously released within Content Examples.

This is being looked into being cleaned up for release soon. Keep an eye out for it!

Actually, the 3 spheres are included in the Blueprint Communication level of the Content Examples project. (4.1 if I recall)
Check out section 3.3 in that level. Good luck!

Gotcha, well thank you very much for your time and for looking into this! I look forward to seeing it.

Oh awesome!!! You’re right, they are there!

Has this been released in its entirety yet, or have the bits and pieces made their way into the content examples? thanks!

It’s been available for a couple of years at this point. Listed as features tour in the learn tab of the launcher