When will WMR Thumbstick input support be added?

This has been an issue for quite some time, I’ve found threads that date as far back as 2015 that highlight the fact that thumb stick input support is just not there.

The “solution” that was posted has already been natively solved with SteamVR: How to enable Windows Mixed Reality joysticks for more SteamVR games | Windows Central
So I’m just curious as to why Unreal Engine hasn’t yet added support for the Windows Mixed Reality joystick inputs? Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance and apologies if I’m missing something really straightforward.

The official WMR plugin that came out with 4.21 should support it, and the beta input in the steamVR plugin also supports it.

They are simply deprecating the old hard coded input method eventually.

Really? That’s fantastic to hear.
I can’t seem to find a way to get the input from the thumbsticks, however. Trying to access the thumbsticks from the input page simply tracks the input of the trackpads instead.

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Has there been any update on this?

We’re beginning to be interested in the 4K WMR headsets, but if the support isn’t there…

Hey, Roberteker. I’m working on a project using WMR and everything seems to be working in order. What exactly are you having trouble with?

Thank you for the information!

I was just asking generally since I know Epic in the past has had reluctance supporting WMR, and we’re contemplating upgrading to an HP Reverb for work instead of the Index.

I’m reading that the HP Reverb cable is very short, though, and that the room scale tracking isn’t great, so that might end up being more important than Unreal Engine support when we make our purchasing decision.

The WMR plugin does not work correctly with other VR devices.
With WMR, it works fine, but if the plugin is connected, then the Oculus Thumbstick stops working normally. When the Thumbstick is rejected as much as possible up, down, left or right (so that the value for which of the axes is 1 or -1), I get the input value = 0.

For a solution to this problem, I came to the forum and saw this post.

Can anyone help with this problem?

Nice post!!

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Thumbstick input is not working for me. I have a Samsung Odyssey HMD+.

I tried both Gamepad and MotionController Thumstick events (all of them), none of them fire anything.

Unreal 4.23.1.

Same here. Odyssey+ thumbsticks not working on 4.23, 4.24. But on default vr-project in 4.19 its working nicely. When I convert it to 4.24 its not working… Please advise

Hello, I am also with the problem of Odyssey + not registering input from the thumbsticks. Please fix this :slight_smile: Thanks.

Same here. Odyssey+ not getting any input from the thumbsticks on 4.24.

Thumbsticks aren’t working correctly on the Oculus Touch either…

Ive also struggled to retrieve the deflection states of the thumbsticks to create my own blueprints(UE 4.23). The only outputs ive managed to retrieve are when the thumbstick is pressed like a button. You get and X, Y and Z value. Z is 0. Strange though both thumbsticks work with my Samsung Odyssey + when using the First person shooter template. Left motion controller thumbstick moves the player forward, back or left-right while the right motion controller thumbstick orbits the camera left and right. There is just two sections of code that is really needed if you desire this functionality in a project and don’t require the skeletal mesh and VR gun. Open the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint and you need the “Stick Input” and “Movement input”. You can delete the VR gun, VR_Marker, Mesh2P, FP_Gun and Sphere in the components panel. That’s the easiest solution ive found thus far for WMR headsets. Make sure to select the Windows Mixed Reality Plugin as its not enabled by default. You also need to configure a few settings in your project for VR optimisation. You need Forward Shading, MSAA and InstancedVR selected. If you looking for a teleport type mechanism there is a nice tutorial on the Unreal Online Learning website “Creating Virtual Reality Walkthroughs” The teleport mechanism works with WMR except for the blueprint modification that uses a face button.