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    Windows Mixed Reality Input Mappin

    Hi everyone,

    I am building a condensed documentation about input mapping for multiple gamepad/vive controller and so on on Unreal
    This one is available here

    The thing is, I cannot find any schema for Windows Mixed Reality controller. More, even if I can deduce most of the inputs, I cannot find any input for the physical thumbstick of the controller (as the thumbstick input are mapped over the trackpad...)

    Do you guys find this information somewhere?

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    As far as I can tell:
    Get motion controller Thumbstick X -> range -1, 1 Trackpad X axis
    Get motion controller Thumbstick Y -> range -1, 1 Trackpad Y axis
    Get motion controller Triggeraxis -> range -1, 1 Trigger

    Event: MotionController FaceButton1 -> Trackpad click up
    Event: MotionController FaceButton2 -> Trackpad click right
    Event: MotionController FaceButton3 -> Trackpad click down
    Event: MotionController FaceButton4 -> Trackpad click left

    Event: MotionController Trigger -> Trigger
    Event: MotionController Grip1 -> Grip Trigger

    Event: MotionController Shoulder -> Home Button

    I wasn't able to figure out the thumbstick.

    added trigger event
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      That seams right to me.
      Thanks, I add it to the doc for further readings. Might make a picture link later...

      So, apparently, the Thumbstick is not mapped at all. Thanks for your mapping