What is the bottleneck ?

I made a map for my game it look very good with a lot of LODs, 2K Textures and optimization
but my frames don’t able to hit more then 60fps.
my laptop
i7-7700hq, 16 ram, GTX1060.
I used “stat gpu” to see what is taking my performance. 22ms
here is a video on YouTube about my map>> https://youtu.be/z3GLGmCR1UU <<.
the most things take my performance are:

Render Deferred Lighting 5ms - 1.47ms
shadow depths 8.12ms - 1.11ms
Visibility Commands 5.52ms - 0.01ms
Diffuse Indirect and AO 2.99ms

what are these ?
and how to make it better for game performance ?

note: I used also “t.maxfps 120”