What does the "Windows DualShock" plugin actually do?

Hi, I’m trying to get my DS4 controller to work. Seen a lot of posts about people using RawInput, or SDL plugins etc. Some posts mentioned the “Windows DualShock” plugin by Epic, when I enable that nothing happens, no documentation on it. What’s it supposed to do? Are we missing something?


Bump! I’m trying to get the DS4/PS4 conttroller to work via Raw Input, but I just saw the DualShock plugin and am super curious what it does? As vexe said, there’s no documentation.

Also, I’m having trouble with Raw Input, it seems to ignore the invert and offset values. Anyone know if I’m missing a step? I do get responsive values, but they are not being affected by those two modifiers.

Bump. Anyone has any thoughts on that plugin?