Does UE4 have native support for the Dualshock 4?

There’s another thread here:

Someone from Epic responded:
“I would rather get Sony to allow us to redist the DLL :wink: [Asking them now]”

What’s the status on this? Are there any plans to support the DS4 directly in UE4?

Hi Fidelix -

The engine does support the PS4’s DualShcok 4 controller, but you will need access to that Sony DLL file for full functionality. Engine source for Playstation 4 and Xbox One is available to subscribers who are registered developers with Microsoft or Sony, respectively.

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Thank you very much . Does that DLL come with the extended engine source or do we have to get that dll from Sony?

Hi Fidelix,

This is something that is included with the extended engine source. If you do need to use the DS4 I have seen where users are using tools they’ve found online to map the DS4 keys so that it can be used with limited functionality. In effect it would see the DS4 as a X360 controller so you wouldn’t have the functionality of the rumble or the touch pad.

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I knew about the xinput mapper, but I was more worried about providing adequate support to end users who have DS4 controllers. Can I distribute my game with DS4 support? I guess that’s my real question…

Hi Fidelix -

Yes you can if you are registered developer for Sony.