What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Thanks, I’ll give this a go :slight_smile:

Working on new rhythm-runner game

Hey, folks! I’m working on new rhythm game named Run, Guitarist, Run! A mix of Temple Run and Guitar Hero + action. Sorry, but I can’t record HD video for now because of low frame rate. Anyway, enjoy!

Working on freebie grass mats

I’m currently working on a freebie for you all. It’s part of my learning process but I have to share the love. Once I get the process down I will send love regularly to the community.

I am working on a set of 5 + 1 bonus freebie grass materials. You will get 5 grass mats and 1 bonus snow grass mat. Nothing overly fabulous but definitely useful. Textures will be 2048 x 2048 and I am working to make them for PBR and tessellation if I get it right maybe.


I should be done with it soon but you can check it out here

Hope you like it.

Bright Soul

I’m currently trying to create all sorts of tiny different games to get more used to the Unreal Engine and Blueprints.

Here is an example of a tiny Over-the-Board Strategy Game (similar to Chess) that I made in 4 hours.

Thank you Epic Games! Can’t tell you how much I love UE4 <3

Strategy Game.png

4 hours?!? Well thats amazing to make any full mechanics! I am so jealous now <. I spend 4 hours hitting my head against a wall in simple problems, all the time… but I love UE4 anyway too :).
If I was able to make game like that in 4 hours, Id happily make small game with full graphics every week!


Sewer Scene :wink:

Blinky Bill…playing with facial morphs (WIP) :slight_smile:

This is awesome, man!

Got the Tiger I finished, textured and rigged… found a flaw and decided to start from scratch. Hooray!


Making it rain

Do you use a special plugin/package for the rain effects? And another question is the rain casted just around the player character, or distributed on the entire scene?

No special plugins or anything like that, just the standard particle editor that comes with UE4. And it’s a fixed effect that only plays around the player, though even if it were playing throughout the whole world you wouldn’t be able to make out the raindrops anyway and the performance would be awful.

Short survival horror game called “Penny Road”. I’m experimenting with the narrative, trying to find ways to tell the story using both in-game events and outside of game storytelling.

I actually have a build up that I’m having friends test out. Not sure if this is the right place to share that though.

Here’s a screencap of the Main Menu.

Edit: Also I started a new thread to post updates for s and g’s

A small in-game image from our upcoming game. For more info you can follow us on Twitter, or our own thread :).


PBR - Wood Master Material

More at

screenshot.png Here is our project which i tell in other forum topic. Our target is to make mmorpg, which contains 3 planets, 5-7 airships and 5-10 characters. It is not very good picture, but we (6 members) started about month ago by studying unreal basics etc. And our target is steam maybe 2017 and our project is also in facebook: . And the preadvertising is the best way to get people curious about our project and we all are rookies

Working on procedurally generated levels for our game Tenebrae.