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The Lantern. It will light your way but it will not protect you!


Leaderboards finally work


Been tuning how the driver of a vehicle is dispatched when said vehicle bursts into flames.


Edit: Here is a gif, too!

That’s looking really good, could use that in a section of my project

A simple fur material I made last night.


Playing with abstract forms/lighting

I remake the test chamber 00 from portal 1.




this is the original, to compare.


Omg thats so cool :3 portal <3

I am very impressed with your fur. This would be an asset I would pay $$ for in the marketplace.

My ressent project Learn 4forever

Same here. I really want a fur material like that.

Thanks!! You’d only be disappointed if you were to buy it, it looks good from afar but is no where near production quality. If I remember, when I get home from work I’ll post up the material set-up and you’ll see just how simple and easy it is to do by yourself.


Me thinks tessellation?

Exactly, I achieved this by enabling tessellation, multiplying a ‘VertexNormalWS’ node by a noise texture (multiplied by a constant [fur length]) and feeding it into the world displacement input…a simple set-up. I’m keen to try out the Neo-Fur plug-in which uses the shells and fins technique (as far as I know) and can be used on multiple platforms even mobile apparently…

So to summarise:

Tessellation = true;
VertexNormalWS * (noise*x) -> world displacement input (where ‘x’ is a constant)

My remake of classic doom coming soon

Sculpting and texturing an alien character (WIP):


I was hoping to get away with this but unfortunately I really need to re-do the texturing entirely due to awful UV maps, if you look at the camo material, you can see the poor job. This is due to me lazily using an auto UV system.

Check out my other work HERE

Well, I am lazy too and use auto UV for over half of my models… thats not a problem if you hand paint them in Substance Painter for example. Well it will be waste of texture memory, as big part of the textures are just black, but for small objects you dont see up close its fast and good enough imho to skip the UV work part ^^;.

@ULLS If you are using SP switch the texture over to tri-planar and the texture should connect right because of the way it projects onto the model. Hope that helps.

Equipable player loot/gear for the warrior class.