What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Following the idea of the most popular thread on polycount What Are You Working On? 2014 Edition

So please share your screenshots and videos from Unreal 4!

I’ll start by sharing some different things I’ve been working on recently.

Shield reacting to bullet impacts…


Material decal matched to the floor texture, dynamically moves over the floor and “fills” it will the current player’s health (green, yellow, orange, red)


If you’re cross-posting from your own thread - please provide a link so people can check out your other work too.

Now happy sharing! Show us what you’re working on!


Part One - is only the Beginning
Basic Building Layout Work In Progress

is a basic early building layout Work In Progress. The aim is to get the basic building mapped out in Box Brush adding in some windows, doors and other bits slowly. will the show the size of the playing area and how the infected and game objectives will work with the game environment.

I am also looking for people to create high res baked materials and mesh assets.

Regards Mark
Epidemic Team.

Working on a VR Comic Book Reader - That’s a shot of the early loading from .cbz (zip) of .jpg files to a texture and dynamically setting them.

I spent some time figuring out how to load a .jpg, ., or .bmp to a Texture2D ('s example works for DDS). That took some doing as I had to search through the engine code to figure out how it loads those formats to textures when importing. Enter the ImageWrapper. Makes it quite easy.

That , I had to find a liberally licensed zip file reading solution, which ended up being JUnzip. Then I spent some time converting it to use UE4’s engine file manipulation stuff.

Unfortunately, reading stuff on the game thread blocks (and reading big 1988x3056 or larger images is slow), so I had to set up an multi-threaded system for doing it.

So now instead of having a node that just gives you the texture immediately, you have a node for requesting a texture be loaded from the zip.

  • If data hasn’t already been set up and a request dispatched, FIOSystem::LoadData is called with the appropriate offsets and buffers passed in.
  • Because I can’t figure out how to check an FIOSystem request, I’m just looking at two special bytes in the buffer to see if they equal the values I put in there on allocation. (Super hacky, but it works.) If anyone knows the real way to check that, I’d love to know :smiley: Thanks
  • If the compressed data has been loaded, a runnable thread is fired off to uncompress the data into the final buffer before it’s turned into a Texture2D.
  • If the decompress task is finished - SetCompressed (compressed as in JPG not as in ZIP) on the ImageWrapper, get the raw data and copy to mip data of the texture.

The decompress task just does a bit at a time, keeping track of where it was at. It does 65k bytes at a time right now, though that might change. Lots of optimization to be .

Unfortunately, that’s not quite enough, as copying the uncompressed data into the mip data for the texture is slow as well - so I’m spending some more time threading that.

The plugin keeps around a cache of the loaded textures, and then there’s a system for polling against it. So I fire off the requests, then poll to see if a given texture is loaded.

@Epic devs,

As an aside, it seems like the engine could quite easily be extended so that FIOSystem::LoadDataCompressed would handle zip-compressed streams (not the archive formatting, just a compressed chunk of data). I modeled my system after it, and the only thing that’s really different is the way it decompresses using ZLIB, as it uses inflate functions rather than uncompress().

The FulfillCompressedRead function would need to be updated so that it knows not to look for PAK file headers in the first couple of bytes of the compressed data buffer, but other than that it seems pretty straight forward.

I’d be willing to submit my (converted to engine API) version of JUnzip (the original code is actually domain, so no licensing at all - which is quite of the author) for doing the zip structure navigation and such.

Been working on a lot of UI lately, all in UMG:

( the style is generic, so that I can go any direction with it )

Great minimalist style!

p.s. Kill-feed is a lie!


One more for today. is a material I’m working on that will determine opacity based on neighboring meshes. I will show a detailed implementation for at some point, for now I just completed the proof of concept for the opacity effect.


Really and soooo Realistic, Great Job! :smiley: :smiley:

Im working on my hobby project AtlantisDefense and learning UE4


is Pre-Pre Alpha but is a little something I am working on. I hope you guys will like it when I am finished. Right now I am blocking the look and control I want along with the A.I. I am also trying to get a grasp in lighting especially when Stationary lights are and are not overlapping each other. Sometimes the light overlaps and there is no warning or indication then it seems that out of nowhere you have stationary lights overlapping I am learning so it will take some time.

Great use of the sample content :slight_smile: would like to see how it plays when its ready!

Simple keyboard configuration menu made entirely with C++

is a simple keyboard config menu I created entirely using C++ , didn’t use UMG , as facing resolution dependency problem with it. C++ is just superb. I am getting the keyboard key values from a config file , and if valid value is not present , I am setting default value to the config file

Nice :slight_smile:

I love what you guys have so far! is exactly the intention of the thread!

@****: Who should I bother to look into the thumbnail sizes? They are awfully small for browsing - size to fit default forum width would be great! (I currently upload to a remote location so I can work around , having work out the box on the would be much more convenient :))

Edit: Found in my media folder, figured I’d share it too!

It is a quick test I did that uses a gradient mask to slowly grow a circuit board texture. I didn’t build the gradient for the entire circuit board as it was purely for testing purposes and comparison with a material I did back in UDK (These results were much better!)


Well that looks , hope to see more from that soon.


I was feeling really proud that I’ve gotten as far as I have in UE4 since I’ve been learning it… you guys are all really bad ***. I wish I could hit the lottery and hire you all on my team/firm.

Quick update on the VR Comic Book Reader progress, as well as some in depth information about how I built out the threaded unzip and jpeg loading: dungeonsurvival.wordpress/2014/08/27/comic-book-reader-progress-now-100-multi-threaded/

Our latest dev log for Witanlore: Dreamtime!


Some great looking work in thread!

Currently prototyping a modular elevator system:


Ha! :slight_smile:

Lovely devlog! Well put together. Torch fire FX caught my eye especially.

! Great system :smiley: Is part of a larger game project you’re working on or separate experiment?

Part of my larger project (see link to Xenomata UGV in signature). I’m currently rebuilding the main framework for that, so it was easier to test the elevator prototype in the third person template for the time being.

I really like your circuitboard shader stuff btw!

I remember the vehicle demo when it first came out. Love it!

And thanks! I may use the circuit effect later for some organic growth effect on sci-fi environment…for now it’s just a quick proof of concept.

In the spirit of sharing, I posted screenshot earlier week on Twitter. It’s a very early wip of a game I’m working on (doesn’t represent the final style, we use mockup blocks for simplicity - currently working on actual models)


More info on that later! I will create a thread for it - perhaps week depending on progress. :slight_smile: