What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

This reminds me so much of Tron 2.0 from 2003, i love this game.Are the bright lines on the edges vertex paint, texture or something else?

They are textured. We tried vertex painting in an earlier UDK prototype, while the lines were extremely sharp while very close-up it didn’t scale well like mipmaps do. We suffered heavy aliasing.

The Tron reference is kind of unavoidable with these graphics :slight_smile: The final style will stand more on its own - I hope to share more on that soon in a separate thread for the game.

Working on this little apartment scene to improve my materials and try out some more complicated lighting situations


Any feedback is very much appreciated, but keep in mind that its early wip :wink:



Parts of a rocket game I am making with a low-poly aesthetic

I see this style popping up in places and I love it :slight_smile: Another example:

I’ve been invited to do mechanics of a turn based 3d board game ( japanese chess ) with blueprints (without AI for now^^).
I don’t use line trace and tick for actions.
A basic system that i hope usefull too for chess, checkers and even wargames turn based games.
I only add a screenshot for now and will do a decent video when system will be fully working :

Hello all! I am working on my very first Unreal Engine 4 project and I will be announcing it soon hopefully. I have a lot of things to work on, but I couldn’t wait to share some pictures with you guys! :smiley:


Holy Smokes…Too Awesome…
I have a Shogi thing going on in my game as well so I truly look forward to this…Make sure to keep us Updated…Looks awesome…

okay …I guess I have to share as well…

Good lookin’ stuff! what’s floating about?

Some work i started when i got unreal , but still slowly working on it ( 2nd one is recent ) :
P.S. still using 4.0.2 ^^

…Amazing/Epic/Unreal! :smiley:

Makes sense since i used unreal chair as the throne ^^

Awesome guys! What game are you planning to build Arendt?

Just random assets from the level…It’s the room Alice first falls into when she enters Wonderland so I needed stuff in the air while she falls…Later we’ll replace these assets with key assets from the rest of the levels…

Thanks by the way and you’ve been doing a great job with the forums…

I am not really building any game at the moment since it would take all of my time , just creating game scenes.
However it would be nice to work on something in the near future , wanted to improve first .


Working on my Cabin :wink:

Hey guys, I’m building the Holman House in UE4. Interior and exterior. Got it almost entirely modeled. I want to achieve foto realism in every corner. Still a lot of work to be done. I’d also like to see this with realtime GI.

I love archviz stuff and I love architecture, I come from mobile game development but I want to explore PBR workflows with this project.


@Inmatic: The cabin is a bit difficult to see, it would benefit a lot from SkySphere / GI or some interior light to grab the attention and remove the pure blacks. (Had a BSOD while writing this, that’s a first :P)

Some screengrabs of what I’m working on.

Basics to understand what’s going on: The grid you see can be switched on/off per object to construct a level during a game session. (has multiple floor levels which you do not see in the first screenshot)

The meshes are of course just placeholder blockouts to test out the concept.

@Tom Looman
Thats something i try to figure out how it works. There is a Skylight allready and its still too Dark. When i raise the strength from the Skylight, the other shadows are too bright.
It´s not so easy to get the right lighting :smiley: