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Hi all currently testing raytraced reflections

Redesigning Overdrive X

Designed a new procedural city map for overdrive… Its less in line with cyberpunk 2077 and more in line with my own personal idea of what a cyberpunk city would look like… Its totally not finished yet, I’ve only been working on it for a day or two…

hey good works guy all your stuff all seems awesome :slight_smile: guess i have lots of work ahead of me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is GearStorm - A Sci-Fi mash-up of FPS, RPG and Survival. We just went Early Access and still have a good bit of work to do.

Also our first review…GearStorm - Review | NookGaming.
Lessons learned there, do your best on art, animations and marketing.

just want to say to every who’s been posting on here great work :slight_smile: hoping to one be at the level you are all on :slight_smile:

new video… including… enemy step… improved combos… improved trails… improved slash particles…

Battle of 2D versus 3D. Dilemma… Still contemplating on which path to go… 2.5D or full 3D .

Black Hole Grenade Test
Tutorial coming soon.

**Fractal Horror **a new cosmic horror subgenre…

[FONT=comic sans ms]Merry Christmas Everyone

[FONT=comic sans ms]You come and try my fun little Christmas Board Game here [FONT=comic sans ms]



Merry Christmas Everyone!

New stuff

Samurai/Ninja Project i’m working on…

i like this very much!
im working on a game in VR on Mars…


Hi all! I spent most of 2019 solo deving an action shmup-type game with 4DoF flight mechanics to replace screenscrolling. Heading into 2020 I’ve decided to pursue this project until I complete a solid vertical slice so I made this short video showing how the project evolved in 2019: Hope y’all like it :slight_smile:

still very wip :slight_smile:


Looks classy… :cool:

Not sure the slomo here is needed though. Kinda cheapens the whole effect…
(But you could maybe offer a switch to disable it, so those who like it have it.)

thanks alot, its optional already :wink: