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updated video…

Testing stuff, A Monastery Vendor, a Shiny Armor, and Boars

My hobby project “Rogue Velocity 3D”, first video of this year :slight_smile:

Running over zombies.

Welcome my first Developer Video Log, for my game The Adventures of Gorm.
et me know what you think. Thanks :slight_smile:




Thanks for the feedback and tips. May I start this year with selling stuff, but its not that easy in Germany with the “Finanzamt”.

Gern geschehen :slight_smile: Du kannst evt auch mal hier schauen Kleinunternehmerregelung (Deutschland) – Wikipedia

Been working on this game for a little while now. It’s a Co-operative Third-Person game. Here’s a quick cinematic teaser. You can also check out the gameplay video here! =)

Very nice that how long did this take you to make?

Thanks WrecklessRush!

The trailer? A couple hours. The game demo? A few months. Been working on it since around summer 2019. =)

Finally getting my project called The Chronicles of Eithothlon moving forward! I will hopefully have a video coming out soon as I work out some kinks. I have purchased the MMO Starter Kit by Codespartan. (Shoutout to @CodeSpartan) I recently migrated to 4.24. I am looking forward to the possibilities of world composition! I know I haven’t updated this post in a while and that’s because I have been busy working on the game! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough to show yet. Soon… very soon!

working on slight comic shading and lightning

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Multiplayer ProcMesh Slicing
for Dynamic Destruction of persons (dismemberment), place &, things…
Host Server
		Dedicated Server

Wrapping up work on Ball of Doom. It’s been a hectic couple of years but it’s almost done. This is one of the cities in the game.


A little concept/prototype ive been messing around with. Going to try to get some custom foliage in tonight.

Retro “doom like” 2D sprites rendered from meshes in ue4 runtime.

  • pixeleration resolution scales with actor scale
  • changeable FPS for sprite
  • changeable number of views (angles)
  • switch from 3d mesh to sprite in realtime
  • no need to create flipbooks