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Do you got a link perhaps, some more infos, is this coming to the market place?

Hello @unit23, Thank you for your interest. Yes, its coming to the Marketplace. We’ll post more details after New Years.

Current long term project, re-started it again during Christmas Eve- added a few decor. GPU Lightmass and Raytrace test for 4.26

As promised. We have more info for you. Please Try the Demo.

I’m not sure if I want to take this project the fighting game route or hack and slash…

This is the fighting game version…

And this is the hack and slash version

What do you guys think?

I think a fighter would be less work and more achievable…

But my original goal was to create a hack and slash and that’s more what I’m into personally…

Bounce some ideas off me…

Places of Straya - Bungle Bungle…9-straya/page3

Latest build of my hack and slash game

Places of Straya - Mangrove Creeks…9-straya/page3

Hello everyone!

It’s finally time! After 3 long years of development, we are finally talking about our game, TOGGES!

It’s a Collect-A-Thon 3D platformer about spreading adorable cubes around the universe!

The motivation always was to create something really unique, into a very beloved genre, different from anything you ever seen! The main gameplay loop is about Spread and Stack to reach new areas and discover new ways to play!

We will talk more really soon, but for today, enjoy a screenshot.

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Places of Straya - Sugar Cane

I have completed by first work in Unreal Engine 4. It’s a small plugin for creating a turret.

Places of Straya - Bushfires…9-straya/page3

HumanitZ (Working title)

Hello guys, here is a new gameplay from the vertical slice of New Dark Age. I hope you enjoy.

I’ve got a 3D collectathon platformer on the way to Steam Early Access! Change between the different states of matter to solve puzzles and save the galaxy from the mad scientist Dr. Ruby Dium and the lackeys of the devious Lord Krypton!

More info: [DEVLOG] Droplet: States of Matter (3D platformer) - Unreal Engine Forums]([DEVLOG] Droplet: States of Matter (3D platformer) - Unreal Engine Forums)

Places of Straya - The Cannery

Over forty fps on a five year old mid range on cinematic with shadows set to high

Places of Straya - Pilbara

Namorroddo Spirits roam the night here, vampire like creatures in search of human prey.
“…when there is a high wind, it echoes the sound that the Namorroddos make as they whistle and swish though the night sky, their skeletal bodies held together only by thin strips of flesh.”

Finally created a trailer for my upcoming game, A Sleeper’s Quest: A Labyrinth to Thee! Check it out!

Agora bronze age buildings of Nekhri civilizations