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First real project and first video ever

Places of Straya - Ravenswood

Gold is found in the mines and panning the creek. Wild pigs are a danger here, as well as the feral goats. Lots of angry feral goats.

I am just creating a fairly simple word game for my own amusement. Place words on a 13 by 9 board (probably make board size changeable) from a themed list of words, each word you fit on the board gets 10 points, and each intersecting letter gets a particular score, e.g. Z is worth 64 points, Y worth 32, through to A being only 2 points. Placement on the board follows general crossword type rules. Every word formed must be from the list. I’ve added a regex filter to the list of words so you can do some fancy pattern matching to find a good fitting word. Still a work in progress, but it is playable. I just noticed I used a word twice in this game, one of many checks I need to add to the game to ensure the board is valid.

p.s. If anyone knows why I get warnings about the puzzle BP template missing files when packaging, after I deleted everything I would really appreciate it:


Having a go with Metahumans. Plan to do a more comprehensive clip (with sensible facial capture :slight_smile: in the near future, as I work more stuff out as I’m somewhat new to characters and skeletons.

Procedural map using DungeonSnapFlow (DungeonArchitect).

Places of Straya - Tobacco

Grown on the edge of the North East rainforests, stomping ground of the Cassowary. Considered the most dangerous bird in the world with large claws that inflict lethal wounds to internal organs and cause severe bleeding.…9-straya/page4

Hi !

Take a look at the trailers of my project “Colors:Zero”, a story-driven interactive neo noir.

Game Trailer :

Interactive Trailer :

Website :



Bosses for my hack and slash game…

Shootout(SystemD) Chapter two is outdoor & will demand the player to capture bases to advance in a procedurally generated map (using SnapMapFlow from DungeonArchitect).

A demo is availlable on
Play ShootOut Now!

Brand new Network Profiler with better and responsive UI.

Forum link:

Got my framerate up to around fifty on my five year old mid range rig…

Loads of other improvements…

Character re-design

Startet to put all my retro stuff (materials, sprites, vertex lights etc.) in one Project (RetroFX) and I will release it for free in the near future!

Here a video of the new vertex light:

Short Summary:

  • Retro like 2D Sprites (Like Doom 1-2, Duke Nukem 3d…
  • Vertex Lights
  • Vertex Snapping (on meshes like Quake 1 or World like PS1 games)
  • Scrolling Sky or skyboxes (Quake 1, HL1)
  • Post process materials (pixelation, color reduction, even sky as post process material)
  • Affine Texture Mapping (also with my “near error” fix)

Working on my first game in Unreal, a Pixar inspired RPG:

Lighting and stuff

“Unnamed Containership Game” :cool:

I’m working on an FPS multiplayer game. The focus of the game will be a pvpve mode with up to 4 teams. In this dev log episode I go deeper into fp and 3d animations (still very much work in progress) and some gameplay as well as replication. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Official forum page : [GAME] "PROJECT QUARANTINE" FPS multiplayer - Unreal Engine Forums

our VR game is coming soon for Oculus Quest

Here I’m trying some volumetric shading for an accretion disk-like structure