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tiger tank :>

Alien Characters

Peculiar looking tank commander :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though. Tank model looks good and the shading fits nicely. Good job.

glad you like it :>

Almost all done. Remember this place?

Hello everyone! We are FSTR.TECH and there is our upcoming game Captains of The Winds

Edge of Chaos RTS
Some updated in-game shots with our improvements to pathfinding and formations.
More on Facebookand Discord

Hi everyone,for almost 3 years i am working on my project,and only now i fell confortable to show my game.
A lot more is coming,and UE5 will be a game change to the industry,i am excited to test the new engine.
a lot more will be improve in the next few months.

About the game

Racing Across The Ages is a multi and single player racing game

that you can exit of the car,attack other pilots,and then go back

to your car by pressing just one button,you will be teleported.
If you die outside of your car,you will be eliminated of the race,each

character has two or three skills,some skills if you use in the

right time,can damage a lot of enemies,but you stay too exposed

out of the car,so be careful with the 100 differents power ups

coming in your direction.

Twitter: @RacingAcross

WebSite: https://wellingtonmarcosvs.wixsite.c…gacrosstheages

The 4k wallpapers are too big for the forum,but you can see a lot in the gallery in my website.
For any criticism or suggestions,please just write below,your support means a lot to me,thanks ​

Always working on my combat system…

First multiplayer game on a fully playable real size earth

The new toy I’m working on : Drone.
It has only one purpose for now: produces a cinetic shield every 60s (only protecting against high velocity projectiles).
It adds a lot of longevity on the battlefield… I guess i’ll lower the probability for bots to own one :smiley:

Update on my solo project

Trying to find out a credible but still fun & rewarding stealth mechanic.
Here Sophie Duquesne has programmed her Drone to Pulse an infrared up to 30m every 5s. She’s armed with a Syringe gun that she can loads with poison or healing toxin.

Work in progress for Capsella The Lights of Lucern.

Find out more about it here:


This is definitely more in line with my original vision for the look of the game…

Hope you like it…

In My never ending Attempts to create the perfect VR interaction setup for all my projects with the goal of having something like saints and sinners VR interaction.
Here is some stuff I’ve been up to.

Just arms Like saints and sinners with physical hands

Full body VR setup with Physical interactions

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Character model.

Working On Cat Combat. Got AI working and Death Working. Next is Grab and Shake to Death.

Working on the narration system

Currently working on the Crypt level for Sandsiah, a first person hack ‘n’ blast of the likes of Hexen and Heretic but a shade darker. Some screenshots of the development below.