What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

I have just released a 2nd teaser of my Metahuman Customization system for my personal project using Action RPG game template. Still lots to be done. Cheers.

Unreal Engine 5 Custom Metahuman Teaser #2 - Realtime Customization - Scars, Clothes, Hair and more. - YouTube.

I have just found out that Windwalker Echo is a metahuman…That is what I am currently working on. Cheers.

Today, I finished an important milestone of my project, and released a improved version of Windwalker Echo and the Kite Boy as custom metahumans. Still a long way to go, as next features include Quest/Dialog system in the upcoming weeks.


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Twelve enemies… Over 70fps…autododge improvements… Lock on improvements…some new homebrew animations… Exo skeleton overdrive mode back in…

Made an improvement to my underlying action timer system… One variable controls whether or not any animation can play with perfect blending… So no interrupts…took a day…

I updated my galaxy map system based on the Mass Effect series, as part of my current development. I added a few FX, corrected some planet investigation logic. Based on this proof-of-concept, I have the foundation to build a procedural system.

I’m 12 months into my Unreal Experience and thought I would share a screenshot of what I’ve been working on the past while. Mostly working on the lighting and getting familiar with the GUI, in this scene assets are from the marketplace with some blueprint customization

working out this prototype, blocked out a landscape and a few buildings

I have now made games for 50 jams (acturly 54), and I have therefore decided to make an old jam game into a celebration of the small anniversary. The game is called “Where are all the aliens”, and it was at first a UE jam game, for the August Jam in 2016. The game is mostly a humours museum game, with a bit of puzzles. All visuals and music in game, comes from my jam games.

You can try the game here Game Jolt - Games for the love of it


here Where are all the aliens by JK5000