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I made a video showing how I create my rooms for my levels… Have a look, Thank you :slight_smile:

How do you show the video in the Reply?

Wrap it in video tags, or click the insert video button on the advanced reply editor and paste your video in.

Here you go. =)

Please submit the modules to the market place, and if you have the time add rudimentary interiors (which would likely triple sales). Thanks :slight_smile:

Blacksmith Urza of Naeros, he is about to teach me how to mine copper ore.


Hi everyone! Its been a whole week since the last update, so I figured it was about time to fill you all in with all the new features in my game AmmoRun!

In this video, I show off a couple of new traps and features. Including new enemy spawn balancing, Player Melee, Voltoc Pistol, Mine Feilds, Launch Pads, Sweepers and new enemy AI animation states! Alpha coming soon!


Made a quick Layered Material Setup in UE4.24, for those interested.
Edit: Don’t forget to enable the feature under Project Settings>Rendering>Experimental>Support Material Layers.

Turned overdrive into a star wars game… For fun :slight_smile:

Working on combat, tweaking overall fidelity. Added more sounds, animations, characters, effects recently, and updated the combat system overall. Next, adding archers and mages …

Hi all, hope you are having a great week. I wanted to share with you an environment (inspired by God of War) I created in UE4 over the course of a week using one trim sheet and a couple of modular assets I made in Blender, Zbrush and Substance (and some Paragon assets from Epic).

Have a look and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Combat Update - Spin Attack, and Slow Motion Kills…
What do you think?


Thought I was ready to launch, but still a few things I need to fix up…

So I’m working on my first game and I decided to make everything free and open source. I also thought it’d be a harder flex for me to make everything by myself (I’ll make a post explaining how I managed to finesse my way into doing that later). Since I’m not very good at this gamedev stuff yet, everything is a bit rough around the edges right now.

I’m basically making a 2012 RPG Maker horror game (Of course, it’ll have the “look all cute and innocent at first, then let it get all Hereditary later on” trope. The people love it when fiction pulls a Madoka.)

Anyhow, here’s my HD2.5D Persona and The Witch’s House inspired 2nd Person “2D sprites and 3D world” survivor horror deconstruction adventure waifu simulator with a reboot of tank controls game.

I’ve only been making music (shout-out to Garageband) for 2 months, so I’d love a bit of constructive criticism.

That being said, I wanted to spice things up (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) by making the music dynamically change pitch, tempo, speed, and key depending on map location. The video shows the same song, but in the F# and G keys.

Map name: Firestorm Peak
Players: 10-12
Game Mode: FFA

Description: Can you take the heat? fight on a mountain top on besieged planet set a blaze by opposing forces

Status: Work in Progress

here’s another map i am working on. thought they deserve two separate post hope no one minds :slight_smile:

Map name: HexCore_
Players: 2-4
Game Mode: FFA
Weapons: Flack Cannon, Impact Hammer ,Translocator

Description: Still working on it :slight_smile:

Status: Work in Progress

The latest video from my WLA: Safeguard PC game (tactical shooter dynamic sandbox light RPG). Preparing first private demo. Still much work to do, but performance stays smooth. 4k 60fps video.

Follow game progress here:

Hi all currently testing raytraced reflections