What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Here’s the progress so far on the architecture. Still a ways to go, but making good progress. Check out more here!


working on my first full large UT4 map set atop of a mountain during a forest fire. I will be doing multiple detail passes :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

Here is some progress from the scene I’m working on now atm, you can visit my WIP thread here: [


Submitting my stylized pond environment to the marketplace today. The water supports surface caustics, toggle-able reflections, shoreline detection that applies based on water flow direction, and half-in/half-out underwater post process visuals and below-surface caustics using a globally mapped & masked light function.

UT4 or UE4? If the former I wasn’t aware people were still working on UT. =)

Screenshot montage I made to be used on my website

this is the most realistic water I have seen outside of cryengine

Nice. A storm and a real ship and it would be perfect :slight_smile:

Hey everyone. We’re working on a new multiplayer game set in Lahaina 100 years from now, with lush environments and all kinds of interesting characters. We’ve been posting dev updates on our own site, but its time to get it out there and hear feedback from the community.

I’m going to do a better job of posting here and you can always read more over here: and here:

Looking forward to following along with everyone’s projects and hearing your thoughts!

Here’s an enviro shot of the deadly lush wilds that await you. Cheers!

hi everyone, im a beginner using UE from 1 week… i wanna made a game resident evil 1

hi everyone, im a beginner using UE from 1 week… i wanna made a game like resident evil 1 style: RABID HOSPITAL

hope you like it

sorry i don’t know how to embed video link here > <
i have tried with [video] but nothing change…

using UE from one week… my project prototype PS1 and Resident Evil1 style based… RABID HOSPITAL

just a re-make of my stuff 2.0… not ment to be deep and profound, just simple and to the point… funny, i wrote this stuff like 20yrs ago… kinda strange how life found a way

Been working on redoing my tunnels, I’m now trying to use meshes instead of Landscape.
T2.jpg ​​​​​​​

Polished the architecture a bit and finished the blockout of a new crate for my upcoming marketplace product. Check out more here!


love your models man, if somebody gave me enough money to hire a team, i’d definitley hire you! always so clean looking, good job!

the state of the art… now featuring distortion bubbles and vector fields

next remake 2.0… shadowplay still dropping the ball on their end, but again (shrug)… getting into the meat a bit this time… i’m well aware my stuff is an acquired taste :wink: … there will be no 3.0…

Finished putting the polishing touches on the crate for my upcoming marketplace product. Almost finished the entire pack. Check out more screens here! =)