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Putting together gliding/flight mechanics, lots of fun to play around with

Awesome work hippowombat!
Here is my first submission here (coming from Cryengine) - I’ve been trying to get some practice with real time lighting in Unreal, and inspired by vanishing of ethan carter - using the trees and rocks from Paragon, train tracks from sketchfab -…d8a58619fe3ba9, and grass from the SilverTrm on the UE marketplace

Getting more work done on the robot. Still plenty to go. =)


@Calibanul I love the way Unbound is looking. @neverfollow81 looking good too. @SE_JonF Interesting project, can’t wait to see how it turns out.

UE4 Marketplace Modular Neighborhood Interior & Exterior Pack

This is What I’ve been working on, a Marketplace pack that contains a large number of modular assets and props designed to let you to create entire neighborhoods with full interiors and custom materials, optimized for high performance on mid-range hardware (60fps+).

Check out the videos below for a better look and Let me know what you think.

Video 1

Video 2

Thanks [USER=“1249”]I Create Art![/USER] =)

Im working on an infinite runner mobile game that is going to be out in the playstore soon as a BETA, so that I can find and fix some bugs and get some advices for improvement from the players.

Im also working in the pc version and the graphics look way better of course haha

wow! That looks incredible! Well done!

Character and location update:

[USER=“1249”]I Create Art![/USER] that is an awesome looking package.
here is an attempt I’ve made at using rectangular lights to light the Epic apartment scene in realtime - the singular light on the inside of the windows casts shadows, also specular at 0. the exterior ones do not cast shadows. then it’s a matter of adjusting the width and height

Latest up to date version of Overdrive-X

[USER=“1249”]I Create Art![/USER] Nice pack, good luck with the sales!
@L04D3D Pretty cool, reminds me a bit of FFXV combat. =)

Still missing the head, but I’m getting there. Wanted to give a sense of scale for the turret in one of my upcoming packs. Check out more screens here!

There’s just not enough space gardens in space shooters, so here’s my WIP stab at one. Where do they grow their tomatoes!?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you my project called “Hansen”. It’s an action adventure game that was inspired by true events that took place in Greece in the 50’s. Please watch the trailer and feel free to share your thoughts with me! :slight_smile:

Spending some time on menus. Next is to add controller navigation to the menus.

The latest WIP video of my WLA Safeguard Project. Mostyl getting AI more CPU friendly. Not yet full consept to show.

Follow game progress in:
Work in progress timelapse.

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One more with some base building sneak.

[SIZE=13px][SIZE=14px]Follow game progress in:[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Working on a marketplace asset, tweaked some color values and accidentally paid homage to RiME