What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

flocking birds (blue dots on the screen) the lighting is dark so it’s super tough to see. A first attempt with no rigging just two static meshes.

Also : an imp pouncing mob and telekinesis ability and whip wand. Still haven’t animated a run cycle…

On going development of the First Person Shooter Metalshockgame:

METALSHOCK game is a cinematic story driven Doom style first person shooter.


hey all here’s a quick mood inspired by readyplayerone oasis game, it’s shaped from soul city assets, check my artstation for more pics :slight_smile:

Latest model, rendered in keyshot…

Working on a modular colony pack for the UE4 marketplace. =) Follow development here!


This is my first post here in this thread, so I decided to show my game I am designing! This is a video of the Main Character. Right now I am getting mechanics to work on him and am designing what combat will be like. I am hoping to get something working on him in a few weeks! Also I have a thread about them game if you are interested, it is in the video description. Cheers!

bit of a redesign, it’s still not finished :(, taking my time!

the suit has several weapons and functions…

want to create a kind of side kick character for it that’s also the spine, which detaches and can become a kind of autonomous caterpillar type robot… the spine can turn into several different things… a. a tail for balance when running at fast speed, b. a segmented whip that can be used to pull enemies or get closer to them etc. c. collapses down and merges with the detachable arm sword to become a giant buster sword. and d. if you throw the sword at someone, it changes into the caterpillar and automatically seeks to re-attach.

the spike in the middle of the chest can be removed and is dagger shaped, but can also fan out into a kind of round shield… in extreme circumstances it can become a sphere that envelops the character… in sphere mode it can change form into an encompassing motorbike for faster travel than running at super speed… among other things…

the shoulder pads house wings that come out from the back of them as wires… that collapse into each other forming wings, combined with the suits thrusters you could actually fly around ( bit like batman except faster )

the light sources on the model are for consuming life force ( suit requires life force to substatiate otherwise it returns to it’s base form ( a ring ) ) i imagine consuming life force would be something akin to onimusha, except with vector fields and some nifty particles…

oh yeah… and she’s got ■■■ lasers! those pieces on the breasts spread open to reveal gattling lasers… hand for mega smashing the ■■■■ out of people…

and she has a firearm on her leg… although i’m not convinced of the firearm model or the placement… i might create some kind of concealable inset for the pistol and upgrade the pistol while i’m at it…

i’ve got some really cool ideas for this character… but it’ll probably never see the light of day… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

here’s that character running around in engine, only took a night and a day, anyone know how to fix my blurry screen problem? kinda weird, didn’t used to be like that, but now it’s blurry as f!

I am workin on dis for like 4 months now :3


Done a substantial amount since the last post here. Check out more screenshots in the official thread! =)


I did a new main character model for overdrive x, was planning this for a while, i wanted to combine some kind of cyborg type elements with a trenchcoat similar to adam jensen from deus ex, seeing as the main character is supposed to be working for a mega corporation that deals in cybernetics and is a mercernary… this is the design i’ve come up with it’s pretty cool… can’t seem to get rid of unreal engines blurriness even at max settings with a sharpen effect on it everything has a kind of blurry look, might be the fog… not sure… anyway here’s the video… i go a little bit psyco… but hey! why not! lol…

ocean level

My project is Call Spirit Blades it still in early development

I have the project up on indigogo :

Also i make music:

Also have a Music asset on Unreal :

My project is Call Spirit Blades it still in early development

I have the project up on indigogo :…c/x/18630606#/

Also i make music:

Also have a Music asset on Unreal :…s-variety-pack

Very close to finally finishing. Check out here for more!


This is a simple school I’ve been working on, feedback is much appreciated. I created everything myself except for the backpacks, teacher’s chair and some books:)