What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

our upcoming mobile (and possibly steam) game **The Adventures of Henry McFang **

Testing my model and UE4 lighting for a Dark/Bizarre fantasy short animation. Any suggestions on what to change? THANKS!

I have been working on sandstorm. What do you think?

improving the design of my cyberpunk city, still needs junk in it and some people walking around… but it’s getting there…

Working On a Pulsar as Sun for Scene Decoration for my project called Celestial.

Worked on some world design stuff this weekend


I’ve been keeping an eye on this, love your art style, reminds me of what games were like when I was a kid :slight_smile:

upgrading my sprawl map a bit… more upgrades to this map in the works but not finalised yet… stay tuned :slight_smile:

My first post!
Last update with my scene “Possessed Tree” before I bake final light

Tree of the Day :slight_smile: ^^

I am not sure, if there are specific rules about “projects” that can be posted here, so, I will post anyway what I am up to recently. I am very beginner, first touched UE4 in november. Visuals you see are mostly some free assets, used with permission (ship model is bought). Gameplay is all mine. I call it “ThunderGame” for now (comes from my second, family name translation). It is more learning playground than actual “game project”, for now. Music also used with permission.

We are working on procedurally generated levels in POSTWORLD!
Support our Thunderclap campaign!

Have been trying out several screen transitions in Unreal Engine to improve the load screen -> game and teleportation parts of a game I’m working. So far I’m really liking the Slice Fade Transition, will create a few other versions of it in the near future.

Working on fur and moss shader:

My latest environment heavily inspired by “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” and “Witcher 3”.
More shots on artstation:
Firstly it was an environment that I was wanting to create while studying at CGMA in first semester of vegetation class by Jeremy Huxley but didn’t have much time to finish it. After some time I decided to bring the case to the end