What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Making physics based ocean ready for multiplayer. to be released as a plugin

Colors are for seeing highs and lows. Looks teribad. Will be creating buoyancy component soon then working on the shaders.

Re-working how we play racing games and the appreciation of cars and speed. Both beautiful and dangerous. Here’s the showcase Iam working on.


Excellent mission and aesthetics – do you have a devblog?

ArtStation - Dwight Mann

Currently using the blog on my artstation. I’am currently doing this solo and just started a blog on this last month. Reached a milestone last week so updates will be frequent now.

various improvements on my solo project…

Bullfrog Hollow is a small steampunk city I built using Maya, Substance, Photoshop and UE4. I used this project to test some new features in Substance Painter and UE4. It was also just for fun :wink:

The tree models are courtesy of MacKenzie Shirk’s Simple Summer Trees from the UE4 marketplace, although I did add my own normal maps and iterations of the shaders.

@ i_am_jafo: That’s some beautiful work there! I was wondering what the performance is on realtime, if that’s what it’s for? All those curved surfaces look great in there!

I’m not a professional video game artist but I have been modifying games since Doom. Decide to work on a top down fantasy RPG project I really want to build environments and characters that people fall in love with to where they are memorable and don’t want to leave. Here are some screen shots of what I have been working on. It’s been a lot of work but I think I am doing okay for never have being in the video game industry.

Progress is going well on the new alpha build of The Cinema Rosa, which you can read more about in the previous post. At this point, we are looking to scale up our marketing and get the word out about the game, before the upcoming launch at the end of the year!

Feel free to share this post, tweet about our game and follow our facebook page for updates!

Please help us get the word out!

Been making good progress with a new 3D platformer project I just started called Droplet: States of Matter.

New Aerial Combos… pretty sweet!

forgot to say there’s a mostly playable build here:

be warned it’s got a few bugs… mainly a level switching bug… throw sword audio bug ( had that bug for ages, can’t seem to get rid of the f***ing thing ) and also a totally game breaking crashing bug… not sure why it happens… got something to do with my enemy anim bp… i’ll fix it tomorrow…

Hello all. Here are some new screenshot from my game Trail Breaking. Please let me know what you think.
For additional screenshots and information please visit


Been working on porting my procedural universe code into UE. Still heaps of work left, but I thought it’s worth showing off :slight_smile:

I’m not officially working on this at the moment because of work and stuff. But I’m into building a team in the future to work in this space game. It’s about a mars alien character traveling the solar system and exploring some of the moons of Saturn and Jupiter like Europa, Titan, and Iapetus. His mechanical sword implements nearly all of the core mechanics and interactive traveling system through each planets terrain. The video is a beta of the most basic stuff I’ve had time to do.

our upcoming mobile (and possibly steam) game **The Adventures of Henry McFang **

Testing my model and UE4 lighting for a Dark/Bizarre fantasy short animation. Any suggestions on what to change? THANKS!

I have been working on sandstorm. What do you think?

improving the design of my cyberpunk city, still needs junk in it and some people walking around… but it’s getting there…

Working On a Pulsar as Sun for Scene Decoration for my project called Celestial.