Unreal fails on make

Hello All,

I am trying to install Unreal Engine 4.26.2 on a Manjaro distro but i get an error when i try to make:
make: *** [Makefile:858: UnrealFrontend] Error 6

I try to clone via "git clone " from official Unreal Engine repository. Can execute ./Setup.sh and ./GenerateProjectFiles.sh. But when i try to make can’t finish because the error.

Not sure if is an error or maybe i am skipping something.

i am using:

  • llvm 12.0.1-2
  • clang 12.0.1-1
  • cmake 3.21.1-1
  • Manjaro 5.13.5-1
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Install “base-devel lld” if you have not done already. Unreal does not use system provided clang unless you have changed some settings. If still does not work try these links 1, 2,
If it still does not work check this (3)

Unreal 4.26.2 has stability issue with linux so if you face constant crash later, stick with 4.25.4 branch

I tried to do the steps and here are the results:

  • When i try to do make on UnrealLightmass, everything is ok.
  • When i try to do make on ShaderCompileWorker, appears the Error 6.
    So i guess that could be an error on ShaderCompileWorker and maybe it provokes the error. I will try with the 4.25.4 branch.

Thats the best choice for now. Best wishes!