Unreal Engine 5.0 Released

The much-anticipated arrival of Unreal Engine 5 is here! With this release, we aim to empower teams, both large and small, to push the boundaries of what’s possible—visually and interactively. will help you to realize next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility than ever before.

With , you’ll harness a redesigned Unreal Editor, better performance, updated artist-friendly animation tools, an extended mesh creation and editing toolset, improved path tracing, and much more.

Concentrate on creativity

With Lumen—a fully dynamic global illumination solution that enables you to create believable scenes where indirect lighting adapts on the fly to changes to direct lighting or geometry—change the sun’s angle with the time of day, turn on a flashlight, or open an exterior door.

The virtualized micropolygon geometry system, Nanite, gives you the ability to create games and experiences with massive amounts of geometric detail.

Virtual Shadow Maps (VSMs) provide plausible soft shadows with reasonable, controllable performance costs.

With Temporal Super Resolution (TSR), a built-in, platform-independent, high-quality upsampling system, the engine can render at much lower resolution but with similar output pixel fidelity to frames rendered at a higher resolution.

Create Open Worlds faster

A new World Partition system changes how levels are managed and streamed, automatically dividing the world into a grid and streaming the necessary cells.

Simultaneously work on the same region of the same World, thanks to a new One File Per Actor (OFPA) system, while with Data Layers, create different variations of the same world—such as daytime and nighttime versions, or intact and broken geometry—as layers that exist in the same space.

Built-in character and animation tools

For animation authoring, there’s a powerful new suite of artist-friendly tools that enable you to work directly in the Unreal Editor. Highlights include the ability to quickly and easily create rigs and share them across multiple characters with the enhanced, production-ready Control Rig, then animate them in Sequencer, where you can save and apply the poses with the new Pose Browser, and apply blended keys with undershoot or overshoot using the Tween tool.

In-editor modeling, UV editing, and baking

There’s a massive array of new and enhanced tools for mesh creation and editing, representing a fundamental leap forward. These updates—which also include multiple enhancements to core modeling, sculpting, and remeshing and simplification—are supported by architectural advancements that create the framework for future tools. Watch this space!

Fully procedural audio engine

With , we’re introducing a fundamentally new way of making audio. MetaSounds is a high-performance system that offers complete control over audio DSP graph generation of sound sources, letting you manage all aspects of audio rendering to drive next-generation procedural audio experiences.

New Samples

And to help you explore all the new features in Unreal Engine 5, we’re offering two free sample projects for you to download.
  • Lyra Starter Game - is a living sample gameplay project built alongside development to serve as an excellent starting point for creating new games, as well as a hands-on learning resource.
  • City Sample - a sample project that reveals how the scene from The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine Experience was built and consists of a complete city with buildings, vehicles, and crowds of MetaHuman characters.

Known Issues

For a complete listing of known issues affecting Unreal Engine 5, please see the Unreal Engine Public Issue Tracker .

If you discover new issues with this release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug .

And that’s just a small sampling of what is now available!

See the complete details in the Unreal Engine documentation—and share your feedback below!

Fixed in 5.0.2

Issue Summary
UE-151966 Background in editor previews render incorrectly on Mac
UE-151959 Sports Car in Vehicle Template has wrong UVs on some lights
UE-151673 Scene query ignore component parameter does not work with geometry collection component
UE-151606 (Mac Only) Graphical artifacts in Lyra in the Standalone Game mode
UE-151325 Opening Lyra from Launch-On appears with Error: Ensure condition failed: Resource->bProduced
UE-151307 SCW sometimes crashes on Mac
UE-151298 Niagara GPU Spline Crash from LWC
UE-151281 PhotoStudio Template floor in wrong place and has incorrect material
UE-151258 [Build Blocker] ///Release-5.0 - Compile UnrealHeaderTool Linux - Failed to load app-local ICU: libicudata.so.64.1
UE-151251 Package FP C++ project in shipping for TVOS fails with error: could not reparse object file in bitcode bundle: 'Invalid bitcode version
UE-151238 Play Sound 2D Blueprint Start Time doesn’t work
UE-151215 UI has incorrect capitalization of ShotGrid
UE-151108 Chaos : fix physics collision shapes not following moving kinematic GCs
UE-151105 Chaos : Fix NaNs in scaled trimesh CCD contact generation
UE-151003 Control Rig in templates and Lyra is using deprecated nodes
UE-150990 ERROR: A package store manifest is required when staging to IoStore
UE-150985 Crash in editor when simulating GeometryCollectionActor with Notify Trailing enabled
UE-150963 Importing a FBX file and Deleting it causes UE to crash
UE-150941 Custom data update crash - invalid memory when removing an instance from a UHierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponent
UE-150926 Control Rig Compiler Crashing in Shipping
UE-150879 Replace Shotgrid Plugin Icon with Correct Icon
UE-150823 [Quartz][Device Swap] - Quartz Clock Stops when swapping Audio Output Device
UE-150810 Blackmagic timecode provider initialized with wrong frame rate
UE-150779 GitHub 9141 : [Localization Text Gathering] Fixed parser - incorrect number of arguments for LOCTABLE_FROMFILE_GAME
UE-150698 deactivate cvar for DisableCADKernelTessellation
UE-150625 [MetaSounds] - Sound Waves used in a node in composition cause editor to crash if the Sound Wave is Force Inline
UE-150546 Crash when forcing all ray tracing effects off via r.RayTracing.ForceAllRayTracingEffects=0
UE-150524 UnrealEditor spawns UBT without setting up SetupDotnet environment
UE-150461 Add proxy support in Bridge plugin
UE-150449 bBuildForArm64 defaults to false when creating a new VR Template
UE-150447 Animation Montage Details Panel Closes When Attempting to Update Animation Segment Data
UE-150436 UAnimSequenceBase::PostLoad always dirties packages
UE-150434 Cook fails when a MetaSound Source object is referenced utilizing FObjectFinder in C++
UE-150428 Solidworks datasmith exporter does not generate udatasmith file
UE-150421 On Demand Shader Compilation Manager consumes CPU time even when COTF is disabled
UE-150404 Rendering Related UE Crash on dragging to the level Blueprint Class that was copied to the Project’s Content folder from unzipped folder
UE-150403 Math nodes of float type double will accept both single & double in the input pins
UE-150395 SN-DBS performance issues and lack of VPN handling
UE-150374 Editing animations with large numbers of curves has poor framerate
UE-150364 Show window resolution in the log on Windows
UE-150353 Enable HoloLens as a Platform in the VR Template
UE-150345 Static mesh SM_Autostage_HexaFloor2 has too many sections
UE-150344 Add -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks for Android for clang13+
UE-150325 Incorrect calculation in Audio::GetOutputBufferSize()
UE-150304 Sweep gives bad results when geometry is offset from origin
UE-150253 Assertion thrown while creating a Geometry Collection with Hardware Raytracing enabled along side r.RayTracing.Geometry.GeometryCollection 1
UE-150242 datasmith exporters setup do not support autodesk 2023 portfolio
UE-150214 USD - Material tests failing due to lighting changes
UE-150206 DMX - When deleting a fixture type, undo resets its Fixture Type to null
UE-150193 geometry script AppendSimpleSweptPolygon can crash if called with empty path
UE-150185 Animation Mirroring does not take root motion into account
UE-150177 GeometryScript SetCollision functions crash in Editor Standalone Game play mode
UE-150166 IKRetargeter chain settings get lost on load if target IK Rig is not present
UE-150118 Animation Curve Editor is Very Slow In Engine
UE-150116 Aspect ratio constraint isn’t correctly restored after playing a cinematic
UE-150115 Looping sub-sequences are playing outside of their section
UE-150112 Camera animation sequences aren’t correctly initialized until they’re opened in editor
UE-150107 UE-149854 Update Mannequin Retarget assets in Lyra to match ThirdPersonTemplate Retarget assets - QA Work
UE-150090 Geometry collection is regressed in path/ray tracing and not working in .0
UE-150056 Emitter LoopedAge has precision issue / quantization on GPU only
UE-150050 Control Rig: Position YZ channels are always keyed
UE-150049 Decal doesn’t work on mac mobile preview
UE-150038 Camera cut track should trigger camera cuts even when cameras are the same
UE-150031 Black glitches appearing in adaptive virtual texture landscape
UE-150024 Toolchain 14.31.31103 is bugged and fails compiling targets
UE-150020 CitySample may fail to package with GitHub versions of the engine.
UE-150014 Add CVar to override Environment Blend Mode
UE-150007 ///Release-5.0 - UE.TargetAutomation(RunTest=Sequencer) Win64 - TM_ControlTypes failed due to Assertion failed: IsInGameThread()
UE-150006 Chaos : Shape generation not properly using relative size from size specific data
UE-150004 Crash Occurs In Skeletal Mesh Editor When Adding a Bone Transform in a New Animation Sequence
UE-149997 Chaos : Collision solver can sometimes generates NaNs
UE-149996 Performance hitch in Vulkan
UE-149992 Geometry Collection asset : Adding an entry in the size specific data, adds an extra one
UE-149937 Lyra crashed on IOS because of the writing stencil in PPMaterial
UE-149931 Crash when using PlnCut(Modeling tools) while the sequencer is on
UE-149924 Artifacts on mobile deferred on some specific mobile devices
UE-149912 Large Volumes block scene snapping in Modeling Mode
UE-149904 Default Codec Doesn’t Support Seeking
UE-149899 EditorBulkDatas are duplicating BulkDataIds when copied, breaking the contract that these should be unique
UE-149891 [Sound Cue][Blueprint API] - Setting parameters not always working
UE-149869 Use-after-free in OpenXR when using multiple GPUs
UE-149854 Update Mannequin Retarget assets in Lyra to match ThirdPersonTemplate Retarget assets
UE-149812 SA issue & non unity compile error in NiagaraScriptGraphViewModel
UE-149798 Particle collision query results can be assigned to the wrong particles
UE-149792 BakeAll: Tangent normals are incorrect
UE-149773 Multiple ISR passes result in severe graphical glitching
UE-149770 Moving both Virtual Joysticks while piloting VCAM will cause one Joystick to get stuck
UE-149765 infinite loop in UGizmoLabdaHitTarget
UE-149752 Issue 163135: Compile errors in LevelSnapshotsEditorSettings.h and LevelSnapshotsEditorSettings.cpp
UE-149737 Cache puts can cause move collision log spam in the absence of legitimate move collisions
UE-149732 Linux fails to write files larger then 2GB
UE-149724 Lumen multi-view-family LOD artifacts and slow convergence and drift
UE-149673 Custom HLSL Node can’t be copied in some cases
UE-149672 StreamingLevels are not marked pending kill causes missing necessarily object references cleanup
UE-149670 Fbx Exporter crash when exporting sequence with cine camera and live link
UE-149654 Mannequin Retarget asset’s retarget chain properties not consistent with one another
UE-149632 ContentExamples Boids fly off in random directions
UE-149624 Level Instance Pivot is ignored when running game or PIE
UE-149605 When importing gltf with MaterialsSpecular extension or MaterialsIOR extension I get warning of unkwnonExtension
UE-149602 Data does not propagate correctly in DDC due to the pak file cache and in-flight cache
UE-149600 Text3D crashes when its async build hasn’t executed before the component is unregistered
UE-149576 Report Windows build number in the log
UE-149561 CitySample does not compile on Linux in 5.0
UE-149558 RVT shows bad pages when landscape editing
UE-149548 Hair grooms are culled while they should not
UE-149537 Multiple crash fixes for 5.0 Release
UE-149530 Height fog start distance > 0 result in harsh cut on volumetric fog
UE-149528 Simulcast streaming fails with unsupported RTP parameters
UE-149527 Update PixelStreaming max bitrate to support 4k.
UE-149526 Fix streamer support for older versions of signaling server
UE-149524 VSM metadata allocation causes excessive VRAM spikes
UE-149511 Warp frustum calculations are not affected by the mesh triangle sizes
UE-149469 VRTemplate project crashes when adding a const 4 in a new material
UE-149401 Level editor viewports crash when deleting actors after a layout change
UE-149363 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-DatasmithImporter!UActorFactoryDatasmithSceneImpl::ImportActors(UDatasmithScene *,ADatasmithSceneActor *,UE::Math::TTransform const &,EObjectFlags,bool) [ActorFactoryDatasmithScene.cpp:132]
UE-149359 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-Engine!USkeleton::IsCompatible(USkeleton const *) [Skeleton.cpp:127]
UE-149358 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-EditorInteractiveToolsFramework!UModeManagerInteractiveToolsContext::MouseMove(FEditorViewportClient *,FViewport *,int,int)
UE-149356 [CrashReporter] UnrealEditor-LevelEditor!TTypedElement::SelectElement
UE-149335 The skin rendering is flickering on mobile preview when tuning the subsurface profile
UE-149314 GeoMerge tool merges geometry into clusters
UE-149306 Assertion occurs when undoing a Child State’s unparenting from another Child State in AI State Trees, leading to a crash.
UE-149294 UnrealFrontend doesn’t package client and adds both -noclient & -client argument when both server and client is selected to be packaged in same profile
UE-149289 Alias wire offsets patches with transform values
UE-149260 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Exporter crash when deleting a layer with DirectLink active.
UE-149244 Skinned mesh corruption in ray tracing effects on AMD
UE-149233 Retarget asset for → UE4 in Lyra improperly retargets hands
UE-149182 Crash occurs when trying to edit a MetaSound Source asset while a MetaSound Source object is referenced utilizing FObjectFinder in C++
UE-149181 Meshing parameters are not correctly apply during CAD import
UE-149180 FlushPendingTicks crash on D3D12
UE-149122 TMap Values in User Structs do not convert to real numbers
UE-149105 AimOffset 1D node can’t be added to the AnimGraph
UE-149081 Edit with FK Control Rig operation does not key FKControlRig track
UE-149078 Skeletal mesh does not update to show the pose with additive layer tracks when the weight of the pose is set to 1.0
UE-149077 A memory leak on mac/ios in
UE-149062 [MetaSounds][Voice Management] - Newly created MetaSounds that spawn out of range do not spawn when Virtualization Setting is ‘Restart’
UE-149057 Android - Installed project crashes on launch on Adreno 600 devices with OS 9
UE-148989 Experiencing a crash on participating MU machines when VCam component is enabled
UE-148955 Foliage is not rendered at correct position on mobile preview
UE-148941 Enum setting on control doesn’t persist
UE-148940 Float / integer sub controls transforming with parent transform control
UE-148928 Crash when trying to open control rig asset
UE-148891 Root Motion Not Retained when Retargeting Animation Assets from UE4 to
UE-148889 Crash when filtering in sequencer
UE-148882 Restart Player at Transform leaves the character unpossessed, failing to restart the player.
UE-148709 Editor crash when imported some gltf with embedded texture
UE-148706 Add -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks for iOS/tvOS for clang13
UE-148703 [CrashReporter]UnrealEditor-LandscapeEditor!FEdModeLandscape::IsSelectionAllowed(AActor *,bool) [LandscapeEdMode.cpp:2804]
UE-148700 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-ModelingComponentsEditorOnly!UStaticMeshComponentToolTarget::CommitDynamicMesh(UE::Geometry::FDynamicMesh3 const &,IDynamicMeshCommitter::FDynamicMeshCommitInfo const &) [StaticMeshComponentToolTarget.cpp:240]
UE-148689 [CrashReporter] UnrealEditor-ContentBrowser!SAssetView::OnListMouseButtonDoubleClick(TSharedPtr<FAssetViewItem,1>) [SAssetView.cpp:3658]
UE-148680 Memory overwrite due to the BarrierCommandList being too small in FD3D12CommandListManager::ExecuteCommandListInternal
UE-148644 Crash opening Animation blueprint with aimoffset node connected to output pose
UE-148642 Crash opening embedded aimoffset in animgraph
UE-148618 [Sound Cue][Blueprint API] - Setting a parameter value a second times does not work
UE-148617 GitHub 9063 : Fix typo in RestartPlayerAtTransform
UE-148599 Editor crashes when pressing the cancel button in the Datasmith import options panel
UE-148589 GitHub 9061 : There was a bug UTF-8 string in session attributes will be garbled.
UE-148582 GitHub 9060 : There was a bug UTF-8 string in session attributes will be garbled.
UE-148531 [MetaSound][CitySample] - Ensure condition failed: DataTypeRegistry.IsUObjectProxyFactory(InClass.GetDefaultObject())
UE-148516 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-Engine!FCanvas::ClearBatchesToRender() [Canvas.cpp:993]
UE-148515 Crash on Build All Levels
UE-148488 GitHub 9055 : There was a bug UTF-8 string in session attributes will be garbled.
UE-148478 When HotReload-ing from Visual Studio, editor will prematurely load dlls
UE-148380 MH Hair creates crazy colors when launching PIE
UE-148341 Lyra packaging does not work on custom source build due to csproj paths
UE-148307 CitySample - alter gender language per MHC request
UE-148302 Get Sequence Binding node has an unresolved binding when attempting to get a binding from a sub sequence.
UE-148236 Preview Additional Meshes doesn’t copy curves from source skelmesh
UE-148226 Collapse All Sections’ doesn’t seem to behave as expected
UE-148107 Ubuntu 22.04 is dropping openssl1 from the system with UBT depends on
UE-148100 Instanced Stereo setting crashes engine when building lighting, creating a vector3 or disabling setting
UE-148063 Control Rig: Function doesn’t update properly when adding new inputs
UE-148051 Android packaged directory not contains linux-x64 folder on Linux
UE-148033 [CrashReport]UnrealEditor-ApplicationCore!FWindowsApplication::ProcessDeferredMessage(FDeferredWindowsMessage const &) [WindowsApplication.cpp:2045]
UE-148030 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-MeshPaintingToolset!UMeshTexturePaintingTool::FinishPaintingTexture() [MeshTexturePaintingTool.cpp:1171]
UE-147996 Control Rig: Expand Function isn’t connecting nodes properly
UE-147941 Assertion thrown while deleting a Curve from a Control Rig asset - DetailsViewWrapperObject.cpp: 231
UE-147936 Crash trying to compile retarget node connected to the RigidBody
UE-147929 Alias Wire maintain material assignments on sewn mesh
UE-147898 Error: EditCondition attempted to compare operands of different types: ConnectionType and EConnectionType::NetworkOnly when opening AndroidFileServer Plugin page
UE-147856 Datasmith incorrectly imports 3Dxml files
UE-147855 Incomplete transition in the third person template animation graph
UE-147821 check hit when launch game with -norenderthread
UE-147762 [MetaSounds][Stereo Mixer] - When changing the gain on the Right channel dynamically, the output has clicks and pops
UE-147757 Crash when moving VirtualCamera2Actor while recording a take
UE-147737 Pixel 6 Pro crashes on start up when launching Blank C++/Blank BP package
UE-147736 Remove Oculus Touch (R) A Press binding for MovementAxisRight_Y as it’s causing issues if another Action Mapping is using the button
UE-147699 Crash when attempting to scale cone component in blueprint
UE-147627 Baking a Backwards Solve doesn’t consider bone adjustments between shared skeletons
UE-147610 Crash when reimporting fbx with import mesh LODs on
UE-147560 CitySampleCrowd - alter gender language per MHC request
UE-147486 OpenXR calls RequestExitApp() when ending a session
UE-147450 nDisplay Template - No platforms listed as Supported Platforms in the Project Settings
UE-147449 nDisplay nodes/viewports shift position when rendering with MRQ
UE-147429 Bake Anim Sequence - Transform tracks are added even with the option unticked
UE-147377 DistanceToNearestSurface Material Node breaks when connected to the Opacity Mask channel
UE-147376 [Synth][Tone Generator] - Editor crashes when Starting Synth Component Tone Generator
UE-147360 VR Preview w. Net Mode Play As Client doesn’t function as intended
UE-147330 Chaos Destruction Bounding Box Does Not Update
UE-147328 OpenXR: Hand off ERHIAccess to CopyTexture_RenderThread
UE-147325 ISumixBufferListener receives audio of sibling Submix
UE-147323 Crash occurs when undoing emitter after deactivation inside of a Niagara System.
UE-147296 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-InteractiveToolsFramework!UInteractiveToolsContext::StartTool(EToolSide,FString const &) [InteractiveToolsContext.cpp:229]
UE-147266 nDisplay - Viewports transform behave incorrectly after compiling the configuration
UE-147254 Issue with Fixed DT and MRQ
UE-147124 Old OBB files at /sdcard/obb/[packagename] will prevent new content working for quick-launch
UE-147052 LogPrimitiveComponent: Warning: CreateDynamicMaterialInstance on /Game/Map/UEDPIE_0_Small_City_LVL.Small_City_LVL:PersistentLevel.BP_vehCar_vehicle07_Sandbox_C_6.SKM_Exterior: Material index 7 is invalid
UE-147050 CitySample - LogMaterial: Warning: Material /Game/Road/Material/M_Freeway_Underside.M_Freeway_Underside missing bUsedWithInstancedStaticMeshes=True! Default Material will be used in game.
UE-147049 CitySample - LogNiagara: Warning: Source emitter ‘depthParticles’ not found. System: NiagaraSystem /Game/Effect/Niagara/Environment/NS_birds_on_ground.NS_birds_on_ground
UE-147010 Hololens crash when opening this test level in ShooterGame as a server
UE-147008 Crash occurs after exiting the Editor with Maya LiveLink connection established on Mac
UE-147006 There are duplicate Cube10 assets, which is causing Z-fighting on the MassCrowd map
UE-146998 Split Tool does not preserve pivot on output objects
UE-146970 Pivot tool is not automatically deactivated when changing mod to any other than Animation
UE-146941 Crash on shutdown in Nanite when running dedicated server
UE-146914 Third Person Template descriptions need updating (BP and C++)
UE-146888 Lyra & Mannequins: Warning when retargeting using MetaHumans
UE-146873 Waveform disappears from Thumbnail after dragging sound into a level
UE-146853 PIE sessions end abruptly when using console command ‘restartlevel’
UE-146807 fracture mode ‘hide unselected’ can show root cluster geometry that should never be shown
UE-146750 tvOS Binary package hits assertion (!bDepthStencil && bSupportsMSAAStoreAndResolve)
UE-146737 Add updated platform images for Lyra
UE-146648 [CrashReport] FSkinnedMeshComponentRecreateRenderStateContext::~FSkinnedMeshComponentRecreateRenderStateContext()
UE-146619 Enabling auto-instancing crashes on Mali devices with more than 2000 mesh instances in the scene
UE-146581 Crash opening level with multiple MetaHumans present after updating from UE 4.27.2
UE-146564 [MetaSounds] - Sound Waves used in composition cut out after GC in packaged game if the reference graph uses a literal input
UE-146533 Crash when selecting control rig class in Blueprint Actor
UE-146466 [MetaSounds][Trigger Route] - If Value 0 is a non-zero value and Value 1 is a zero value, the output pops on triggering Set
UE-146461 DMX - sACN Priority mode set to Per-Address breaks the DMX input in UE
UE-146458 MGPU- Color shifting on the inner frustum when using GPU 1 instead 0 in nDisplay
UE-146422 Editor crashes when an Animation Blueprint Template is compiled with ‘Layered Blend Per Bone’ node
UE-146410 GetPlayerController does not respect the specified world context
UE-146370 whitelist /Engine/Transient path in CopyMeshToStaticMesh() of geometry scripting
UE-146331 Lyra: Inversion of Mouse Axis turns off while aiming
UE-146313 Foot not angled against the surface on a sloped surface in Standalone mode
UE-146309 Can’t delete a Level Instance
UE-146293 Lyra has no Anti-Aliasing on Android
UE-146282 Type Promotion does not work with Soft Actor class references
UE-146267 C++ Third Person Template project crashes when opened
UE-146209 Korean input does not work on component search editbox
UE-146149 Datasmith Exporter version warning during Archicad Direct Link import
UE-146123 Compatible skeletons are not listed in sequencer anim tracks (5.0.2)
UE-146106 [MetaSounds] - Trigger on Threshold node Crashes editor on play when using literal value for threshold
UE-146058 Adding an output to the default function of a Blueprint Interface now requires the Interface to be compiled in order to change the output’s values
UE-146056 Vehicle Template - Clean blueprints and comments
UE-146029 Can’t add Specific Parameter to Set Parameters module
UE-145970 CitySampleCrowd - LogHairStrands: Warning: [Groom] Groom asset (Group:#/#) is set to use Skinning at LOD #/8 while the parent skel. mesh does not support skin. cache at this LOD
UE-145966 Datasmith Retessellate ignores stitching technic
UE-145959 DirectLink in Editor - Editor can freeze when content browser displays a DatasmithScene imported with DirectLink
UE-145785 ARCore: Camera does not function in ARDebugCheck app
UE-145762 [CrashReport]Assertion failed: Backing.Buffer.GetStorageMode() == Mode [File:/Users/build/Build/++/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Apple/MetalRHI/Private/MetalVertexBuffer.cpp] [Line: 287]
UE-145760 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor_UnrealEd!FEditorModeTools::ExitAllModesPendingDeactivate
UE-145749 [CrashReport]UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12QueryHeap::EndQueryBatchAndResolveQueryData(FD3D12CommandContext &) [D3D12Query.cpp:408]
UE-145734 [Alias] Patch with unassigned materials
UE-145707 Unreal Frontend is crashed on selecting session from My Session tab.
UE-145687 [Device Swap] - Ensure when connecting a controller or USB audio device while audio is playing in PIE
UE-145646 ///Release-5.0 Large mesh culling over a large distance is failing
UE-145643 Pre-auth Unreal Engine gameserver denial of service via vulnerable LoadPackage usage in PackageMapClient
UE-145632 Can’t load GroomCache asset from UE4
UE-145593 Lightmaps on Vulkan mobile displays strange colors and uneven shadows
UE-145566 Crash on exit in FD3D12BuddyAllocator::Deallocate
UE-145518 Connecting HoloLens 2 remotely to editor crashes the engine with FPS template project
UE-145495 Empty scene when importing Reimport.SLDASM (update) via Datasmith
UE-145475 Crash when calling SetVector2DParameter on a Niagara Parameter Collection
UE-145444 Retessellate Skip Deleted Surface does not work with TechSoft
UE-145442 [Clone] QAGame package made from Installed Build won’t run with Error while loading shared Libraries
UE-145421 Crash when enabling r.HairStrands.Visibility.PPLL
UE-145377 Remote Control - Crash when using RC property watcher in standalone or cooked with a FText or FString property
UE-145370 Set Parameters module can’t populate parameters correctly
UE-145256 Remote Control DMX - Bound location reset to 0 on binding creation
UE-145226 Sound Cue Quality Node Does Not Resolve Quality Level Correctly on all platforms
UE-145065 Graphic artifacts with real time reflections and volumetric clouds on M1
UE-144851 Unable to install DatasmithExporterPlugin 5.0 for Sketchup 2022 on macOS
UE-144819 Normal function in modeling tools crashes when accepting with no option checked
UE-144804 Closing a newly created emitter crashes the editor
UE-144743 World Niagara System Pool is reclaiming a component that is not in it’s InUse list
UE-144739 HoloLens device detection ::RoInitialize(RO_INIT_MULTITHREADED) problem.
UE-144716 CAD Solidworks .SLDASM files Import incorrectly
UE-144710 Datasmith-generated UV scale is wrong
UE-144605 heap-use-after-free in VulkanMemory
UE-144328 Level Snapshot - Create Level Snapshot window has to be close and reopen for the Default Level Snapshot Name to be considered
UE-144253 External actors saved prior to launching nDisplay do not transact
UE-144198 Error: File processing failure: ExampleEngine.SLDPRT , no geometries imported
UE-144197 Datasmith Auto sync on solidworks keeps sending update to Unreal Editor
UE-144185 [MetaSounds][Diffuser] - Feedback on the Diffuser is not clamped
UE-144097 Window Tab is Unavailable within Blueprint Debugger on Mac Editor
UE-144025 [CrashReport] Assertion failed: Payload.IsNull() [File:D:\build++\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\Serialization\EditorBulkData.cpp] [Line: 1530]
UE-143948 Inner frustum looks darker than expected in PL_SimpleLightBake level
UE-143928 Changes made to DCRA do not transact across MU to nodes when in a level using World Partition
UE-143912 Tween Tool: Does not seem to be evaluating the rig.
UE-143793 HoloLens Quick Launch fails with Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Net.Http.WebRequest’
UE-143597 CadImport: Errors when importing a specific Solidworks file with sew option
UE-143520 Bring glTF exporter code from gitHub back into perforce
UE-143063 Natvis doesn’t work for arrays using TMemoryImageAllocator
UE-142743 Adreno 640,630 Vulkan Shader Compilation Crash
UE-142508 Bake Anim Sequence - Some keys don’t get baked when reaching 0
UE-141871 XR Deferred: Volumetric fog does not render in right eye with moveable lights
UE-141790 Crash when not saving level after using MovieRenderQueue for that level
UE-141654 Possible deadlock in VulkanMemory
UE-141646 Fix Techsoft Datasmith integration in Linux
UE-141542 GitHub 8856 : DatasmithC4DDynamicImporter update for R25 SDK and bugfixes
UE-141336 OSSEOS: Public headers include private headers
UE-141288 Direct Link: Available sources are not being updated/added after pressing refresh button
UE-141085 Resolution of floating PIE window doesn’t match requested res
UE-140471 [MetaSounds] - Tooltips on Concatenate Array both say Left array
UE-136811 Rebuild LLVM 13.0.1 with libcxx with std::filesystem support enabled
UE-135294 UE 5.0 Release - Posturized Rendering Issues with Meerkat Demo Project
UE-126026 Add -gz=zlib Feature Support for UBT/Linux
UE-107791 Too many memories are occupied when compiling shaders.
UE-22154 UpdateTexture2DSubresourceCS shader broken for A8 textures

Fixed in 5.0.3

Issue Summary
UE-158739 Utilizing ‘-UseEOSPlus’ argument while running ShooterGame with Steam enabled causes Warning: LogEOS: Error response received from backend.
UE-158649 Crash when open Virtual Production template project
UE-158472 Upload Linux Full Install Zips to Blob Store For User Downloading
UE-157617 Add functional CAD importer plugin to the installed build
UE-157609 Debugging a property that contains a UAnimDataModel object causes editor to hang indefinitely
UE-157595 VR Template Feature Pack description localization is not up-to-date
UE-157592 Linux Fails to Package from Windows Device on a C++ Project
UE-157575 Can’t record float properties
UE-157545 Several instances of scoped locks without variable names in SN-DBS and Fastbuild
UE-157494 Required driver version 511.79 is not available on GTX 760, causing the game to crash on boot.
UE-157485 Incorrect FOV applied when evaluating LensFile with multiple ST maps
UE-157447 Bad lock in FRenderAssetStreamingMipCalcTask::ApplyPakStateChanges_Async
UE-157445 Fix d3d12 debug errors with use after free and invalid depth stencil state
UE-157443 Editor crashes after opening Virtual_Camera level of QAVirtualProduction on Mac
UE-157282 Synching CitySample can prevent the Editor from running Turnkey and cooking\packaging.
UE-157071 Crash when duplicating a skeletalmesh in runtime
UE-156983 Crash opening Groom with Strands to the Groom asset editor on Mac
UE-156973 Bridge Plugin 2022.0.5 - Hotfix for Metahumans 1.0.0 Release
UE-156918 Crash on editor restart when disabling Instanced Stereo
UE-156906 Engine crashes when PIE in a world partitioned map
UE-156820 Exclusion of primitives with IsSky enabled materials from ray tracing world preventing sample project release for 5.0
UE-156770 Incorrect overlap results with some transformed shapes, hit location on sweep sometimes is shape position instead of actor
UE-156694 Sculpting a landscape with the Smooth brush in a partitioned world produces breaks in the landscape mesh
UE-156508 Crash while using Geometry Scripting to add an Array of Vector 2D data to ‘Append Buffers to Mesh’ node UV0 input pin
UE-156490 Bad nodal offset calibration when using apply to camera parent
UE-156431 Datasmith SDK incorrectly uses windows regional settings for decimal separators
UE-156414 Lyra Standalone game crashes with GarbageCollection error when launching Elimination
UE-156381 CubeGrid discards changes when hitting Play In Editor
UE-156267 [MetaSounds] Limiter Node will not block extremely loud sounds
UE-156249 [MetaSounds] Deleting an interface on a MetaSound that has presets does not update the presets
UE-156246 Fix invalid blend states when min/max alpha blend is used
UE-156245 Disable DebugBreak when d3d debug layer error is reported when no debugger is attached
UE-156151 Potential crash with deleted primitives when switching to the path tracer
UE-156149 Unable to convert numeric pins on operator nodes to Enums
UE-156130 Anim sequence with large number of curves is loading excessively slow in editor
UE-156114 Solidworks export of animations does not work for udatasmith file
UE-156090 ControlRig: ensure the rotation is normalized when converting FRigControlValue to FTransform
UE-156086 Use Target Value parameter is mistakenly available in the Sculpt Mode tab
UE-156043 Some Niagara Fluid systems are not visible in a packaged project
UE-156001 Crash when changing details of an animation in an Animation Composite
UE-155992 Overscan FOV is not applied by Lens Component in PIE
UE-155957 Windows Principal functionality is not supported on this platform when packaging for iOS on Mac
UE-155789 Path Tracer: Moveable lights do not invalidate the path tracer
UE-155787 MRQ: Post-processed materials do not accumulate properly when rendering with the path tracer
UE-155730 VectorFFT is using doubles instead of floats
UE-155659 nDisplay blueprint asset build error
UE-155588 UHT is not setting the signature function for script exporters
UE-155574 Fix SDP connection dependence on client/server offer order
UE-155573 Refactor of Linux PixelStreaming Samples which removes system dependencies
UE-155571 Fix PixelStreaming not packaging node files
UE-155570 Fix PixelStreaming audio on iOS
UE-155568 Fix matchmaker taking a long time to find a free server
UE-155567 Fix regression causing all PixelStreaming audio to be mono
UE-155566 Fix SFU run_cloud.bat
UE-155564 Fix Picture in picture mode not working
UE-155563 Fix UE application responding to keypress on focus lost
UE-155561 Fix SFU connection process not being robust
UE-155560 Remove admin requirement from PixelStreaming Samples setup
UE-155558 Fix match viewport resolution
UE-155504 Make r.UseLegacyMaintainYFOVViewMatrix a normal cvar
UE-155373 Engine crashes after building lighting and clicking Lighting StaticMesh Info with Error EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
UE-155371 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION MHC crash on launch in RigVM
UE-155311 [CrashReporter]UnrealEditor-Engine!UWorldPartition::GenerateStreaming(TArray<FString,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > *) [WorldPartitionStreamingGeneration.cpp:570]
UE-155304 Fixed issues when running HLOD/Minimap builds on an unsaved map
UE-155274 GC with large scale are unstable
UE-155268 Bridge Plugin 2022.0.4 - Metahumans 1.0.0 Release
UE-155200 Crash when removing hairstrands
UE-155178 Bink Audio Codec is set to a low quality level by default
UE-155166 [MetaSounds] - Changing an Input to Modulation Parameter crashes editor due to module load order
UE-155143 Packaged build crashes with the Colored Smoke Emitter in the level
UE-155043 World Partition - fix issue with loading, unloading cells - ending up with no capacity to load the cell anymore
UE-155042 World Partition - Fix Sequencer Take Recorder
UE-155040 Crash when using FileMediaCapture and capturing current viewport
UE-155032 World Partition link is point on Page not found.
UE-154838 Crash when applying livelink preset with ndisplay cluster
UE-154770 Saving Widget Blueprints directly can put them in a bad state.
UE-154476 Advanced vehicle materials
UE-154475 Add advanced vehicle to vehicle template
UE-154473 Advanced Vehicle level
UE-154472 Advanced Vehicle 5.0.3
UE-154276 Out of Bounds Memory Crash Occurs in Bink Audio for Some Sound Wave Assets
UE-154222 iOS A8 devices unable to run apps and receive failed to open Default Shader Pipeline error
UE-154208 Overwriting Common Assets occasionally stalls on reloading a MetaHuman_FaceMesh
UE-154014 FFrame::ReadProperty() occur crash if Blendspace Player node use Function to get BlendSpace Asset
UE-153989 GitDependencies - Linux - Prompts to override file every update
UE-153959 Integrate cl 20351709 to 5.0.3
UE-153943 Crash when compiling Control Rig asset after opening Pick Space tab
UE-153932 [CrashReport] Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0000000000000000
UE-153888 HLOD build crashes when GroupActor is present
UE-153880 Crash in WP conversion commandlet on map containing geometry brushes
UE-153875 Spline point manipulation broken when spline component is selected
UE-153755 New mesh serialization: forward compatibility from 5.0
UE-153722 [Navisworks Exporter] Add support for Navisworks 2023
UE-153544 Chaos: Convex sweeps of zero length against heightfield show heavy performance cost
UE-153541 [CrashReport] FSlateTexture2DRHIRef::InitDynamicRHI
UE-153517 GitHub 9209 : Update the approx. engine binaries download size
UE-153447 USD - Add analytics to material and level sequence export
UE-153239 [MetaSounds][Trigger Route] - Trigger Route Audio Node generates noise
UE-153228 GitHub Linux build fails with error -1 while running setup.sh
UE-153174 Crash when toggling XForm Transform Mode while snap dragging
UE-153096 Set UseAccelerationForPath to true in 3rd Person Template Character BP
UE-152834 Bounds of slave components that use master bounds are offset
UE-152741 Enabling HBZOcclusion triggers a crash
UE-152653 Crash occur when loading AInstancedPlacementPartitionActor
UE-152640 Migrate away from deprecated JCenter
UE-152604 Compiling a Geometry Collection Actor Blueprint while ‘Fracture’ mode is still enabled in the background causes the editor to crash.
UE-152568 Linux Package Size has Increased Significantly in 5.0.2 as compared to 5.0.0
UE-152535 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-AnimGraph!UAnimGraphNode_Base::GetAnimBlueprint() [AnimGraphNode_Base.h:306]
UE-152529 Streaming Nodes and Runtime LiDAR point clouds causes Engine to Crash
UE-152527 [CrashReport]UnrealEditor-ApplicationCore!FWindowsApplication::ProcessDeferredMessage(FDeferredWindowsMessage const &) [WindowsApplication.cpp:2045]
UE-152505 CGR referenced in CATProduct are not imported
UE-152469 When certain Sound Waves finish playing, a decoder error appears in the Output Log
UE-152324 Take Recorder bogs down editor performance with large take library
UE-152190 [Quartz] - The multiplier does not always respected on the Quartz Quantization Boundary
UE-151784 Unable to rotate actor around temporary pivot
UE-151775 Creating and editing skeletal controls in template animation blueprints ensures and bone names cannot be edited
UE-151762 FStaticMeshLODResourcesMeshSurfaceAdapter seems to generate bad TriangleOffsetArray
UE-151737 Pivot Tool: Not working well with multiple control rigs.
UE-151706 Vehicle Template - Advanced Vehicle
UE-151677 Enabling ML Deformer can stop light building
UE-151667 heap-use-after-free in MovieSceneSequenceInstance.cpp running Lyra
UE-151622 HLOD dialog is reporting a fatal error while trying to build HLODs
UE-151576 Engine crashes when clicking Lighting StaticMesh Info with Error=126, Failed to load ‘aqProf.dll’, ‘VtuneApi.dll’
UE-151563 Landscape HLOD is not created with the correct polygon count
UE-151484 First-frame notify states can potentially cause check() during cook
UE-151449 Crash Occurs When ABP_Manny BP Reloaded Without Saving After Orientation Warp Node Added
UE-151360 Scene Capture 2d Composite modes: Additive & Composite not working
UE-151059 Separate Translucency causes crash with iOS and Android Vulkan preview rendering
UE-150984 GLTF/GLB import from 3DS Max 2023
UE-150966 Cannot open image file when importing .udatasmith file exported from SketchUp w/ 5.0.2 Datasmith Exporter
UE-150946 static mesh collision complexity setting ‘use ProjectDefault’ not functioning
UE-150727 Crash enabling Pivot Tool after using it in a different level
UE-150715 GeometryScript GetVertexPosition can return invalid results
UE-150690 enable solidworks installer to install with solidworks 2022
UE-150668 Datasmith Revit plugin error when installing
UE-150655 Assert in AWorldPartitionHLOD::SetHLODComponents if an actor fails to load
UE-150653 Buffer overflow in ULandscapeComponent::ComputeLayerHash
UE-150626 Crash when saving packages in a WP scene after leaving and rejoining a MU session
UE-150623 Properties with asset pickers have obnoxiously large reset arrows
UE-150571 Running VR Template with DirectX11 and Instanced Stereo causes massive memory leaks
UE-150565 Cad - imported static mesh names are too generic to be used in a dataprep context
UE-150541 Crash when upgrading old Niagara assets to
UE-150398 CAD - not all expected materials are created upon importing assemblies
UE-150294 Packaged project launch fails with Assertion failed: SchemaIt != SchemaEnd
UE-150196 Backport Relevant PixelStreaming 5.1 fixes to Hotfix version 5.0.3
UE-150027 Wrong normal map compression settings when importing USD file
UE-149893 Retarget Source property on exported retargeted animations is not set based on the target preview mesh
UE-149646 Update engine version to 5.0.3
UE-149630 [MRQ] Simulating in editor during runtime rendering causes an assertion to fail after rendering is done
UE-149540 Datasmith does not assign Rhino imported materials on corresponding meshes
UE-149523 PixelStreamingAudioComponent has delayed audio.
UE-149423 Using the Texture Painter in SM6 crashes the Engine
UE-149384 Assert mousing over the Edit submenu of a selected Landscape Component in a partitioned world during PIE
UE-149359 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-Engine!USkeleton::IsCompatible(USkeleton const *) [Skeleton.cpp:127]
UE-149345 Cad import - Some colors are created at import that are not visible in the source
UE-149316 Sequencer: If you run snapper on a second shot it in master sequence won’t actually work.
UE-148737 Blueprint Viewport isn’t interactable while a Window from the Sidebar is expanded
UE-148711 [CrashReporter]UnrealEditor-RHI!FRHICommandListExecutor::ExecuteInner(FRHICommandListBase &) [RHICommandList.cpp:804]
UE-148686 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-HeadMountedDisplay!FDefaultXRCamera::PreRenderViewFamily_RenderThread(FRHICommandListImmediate &,FSceneViewFamily &) [DefaultXRCamera.cpp:171]
UE-148560 Unable to bind Float variables to certain properties in Widget elements
UE-148504 Alias wire import mesh names are inconsistent with original file
UE-148456 Bridge plugin forcibly adds itself to all projects opened in installed build
UE-148281 UMG property binding fixup for real numbers doesn’t always work
UE-148255 Crash if the .fbx model import menu is open for more then one minute on Linux
UE-148108 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Assertion when initializing the plugin, causing freeze
UE-148053 Crash when attempting to record take in MU while pending take contains sequence that was ‘opened in take recorder’
UE-147820 Edit with FK_Control Rig Reverts Uniform Scale to 1
UE-147590 [Audio][SignalProcessing] Remove need for aligned data on SIMD code
UE-147268 When use Sequence Camera Shake Pattern, Level Sequence occurs error
UE-147076 Packaged project crashed after launching on tvos and ios (Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
UE-146874 GitHub 8999 : Fix detection of PVS-Studio installation
UE-146820 Shooter Game hits Breakpoint with Command Argument -dxdebug -d3d12breakonerror
UE-146567 Alembic GeoCache - Crash when setting Groom and Binding assets
UE-146498 Alembic GeoCache - Editor crash when D&D groom cache (guides) in component
UE-146426 Binary Editor Intellisense errors
UE-146242 EditCondition is incorrectly evaluated during the creation of a new map
UE-145984 Context menu of the toolbar closes when mouseover it’s elements
UE-145940 Current/Initial values affected when parenting controls
UE-145633 Launching any QAGame map on Linux with an NVIDIA Card crashes at launch
UE-145557 Invalid bitcasts in FPrimitiveSceneShaderData::Setup
UE-145548 Water Brush Manager crash when undoing spline transform
UE-145201 New C++ Class (actor) fails to build
UE-145197 Dynamic material instances do not transact to nDisplay until Save All
UE-144115 CAD import ipt model to sew technique throws errors and no mesh imported
UE-144066 Ancient Game crashes with Assertion
UE-144039 [CrashReport] UE::MovieScene::FPreAnimatedStateExtension::~FPreAnimatedStateExtension
UE-143556 Apps on iPad Air 2 crash after panning the camera
UE-142809 Some assets from Quixel Bridge not showing in Latest Assets
UE-142253 Shotgrid Plugin - Allow Plugin on Linux
UE-142188 Provide Projection Data/Frame Number or Timestamp data in Texture Share Plugin Metadata
UE-140620 GitHub 8833 : Render in Depth Pass fixed
UE-140422 Command line map load fails if map is in non-initial PlayGo chunk
UE-139703 Inventor actors imported into UE via Datasmith have incorrect names
UE-139169 Valve Index Controllers Grip Axis Values are inconsistent with input (open/close hand)
UE-138828 Long save times in Take Recorder with timecode
UE-135958 Re-Import of CAD files results in strange behavior
UE-133180 Datasmith CAD importer - mesh import errors logged
UE-132964 D3D12 GPU crash in AncientGame for Win11
UE-132217 MTLCommandBufferErrorDomain Code: 9 Error Hit when opening package on tvOS
UE-131863 Crash on launching QAGame on tvOS manually after it was launched from Mac with Xcode 13.
UE-131465 Rhino 3dm Nurbs CAD import trigger a break point
UE-127453 Datasmith Archicad Direct Link Mesh Instances are missing on sync

Note: We are aware of an issue introduced in 5.0.3 where users running on integrated Intel GPUs receive a message to update their drivers, even if using the latest.

To work around this, please try one of the following:

  1. Set “r.WarnOfBadDrivers” to 0 in ConsoleVariables.ini

  2. Fix the problem by editing Engine\Config\BaseHardware.ini and changing “” to “101.1191” in the DriverDenyList for Intel.

  3. Add the following to DefaultHardware.ini in the project’s config directory:
    [GPU_Intel Windows]
    +DriverDenyList=(DriverVersion=“<101.1191”, Reason=“These driver versions have known stability issues and missing features”)


Released but still no single floating points in blueprint? everything defaults to doubles which is problematic for people porting there projects from UE4!


Hoping to see the lack of usable landscape displacement addressed outside of VHFM, but not getting my hopes up haha

Excited to see how this release looks though <3

can be done w/the heightmesh.

I’m more concenred about a 130+fps project in 4.26 dropping to low 80’s at best in the ‘release’ version of .

That and the lack of stability on just navigation (crashes whenever, doesn’t seem to be able to calc materials and do anything else concurrently…), I’m calling this Preview 3…

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I guess the turned on a lot of ‘extras’ which are not there in UE4.x therefore, the FPS is on the low side because of extra processing.

Can…kind of ick to set up (esp. with complex automaterials) and requires virtual texturing, but yeah.

Agree about FPS though. Preview 2 actually had pretty significant FPS gains over EA2, but now in this 5.0.0 full release I’m actually seeing FPS down around the EA2 level again which is a bit disappointing.

Opened a few projects from Preview 2. Nanite is broken and only renders the proxies. Virtual shadow maps also broken.
Idk am i missing something

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Has anyone else noticed that Nanite Isn’t working at all in the official Release?

yes :dizzy_face:

Was hoping that the default laptop limitations would have been removed in 5.0. Kind of annoying having to paste r.DontLimitOnBattery 1 into the command line every time I open up my project. Is there any way we can at least get a project/editor preferences toggle for this?

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You can run bp node ExecuteConsoleCommand on your level blueprint… (or something similar). That way, it will automatically gets executed when you play that level.

It’s more of an annoyance when using the editor itself rather than playing a level. I tend to test in standalone so that restriction isn’t there. Basically viewport editing performance is halved.

crashed crashed crashed :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I think I will wait until 5.1.2 gets released before using it for any project. There are still many critical bugs and issues also marketplace products are being converted but might have issues as well anyway.
I will stick with 4.27.2 for the current game project. If in a few months 5.1 gets released then I might use it for the next project.


Yeah im gonna pass on this release like some others are doing because of the issues. There really aren’t any new features anyway in 5.0 besides minor stability fixes. But most importantly what I discovered from the community is that the NANITE problem seems to be happening with project files that were originated from the EA version of UNREAL5.

It’s really bizarre how it all works and at first it didn’t make any sense to me. So when someone first explained that this is what was going on I had to test it out myself to be sure that what they were saying was true.

So basically if you started a project out with Preview 2 then moved it to the official release then you wont have any issues at all. Your good and Nanite will work JUST fine. This is also the case if you started your project out with the official release of UNREAL5. However any files created in EA or UE4 FIRST will have some serious problems. For starters, if you’ve created a project in EA and then moved to the official 5.0 release, Nanite WONT work at all. If you activate Nanite in this case it will just revert to a low poly version of your mesh and the visualization option for the feature meant to display the triangle clusters wont show anything on screen except for the normal editor view.

UE4 projects as reported here have a significant decrease in FPS when moving them to official 5.0 build. I noticed that it’s much slower than Prev 2 as well. I’ve also witnessed people complain that they have the NANITE problem ontop of that after they went from UE4 to EA and then Official 5.0. And it gets even more ridiculous because the same thing occurs even if you go from UE4 Or EA to Prev 2 and THEN to latest 5.0. In other words moving to Prev 2 doesn’t seem to fix the Nanite issue even though you can go from directly PREV 2 to 5.0 without any problems. So I don’t know what’s going on but something seems to be carrying over from those old versions of the engine into the new version which is causing a BUNCH of problems. The official release really seems to just be locked within itself. Its probably safe to just stay on Prev 2 for now.

This new release definitely feels more like it should have been a Prev 3 as someone else here has already stated.


The 5.0.1 Hotfix is now live. This hotfix resolves a few urgent issues in the 5.0 release that we wanted to address swiftly.

Fixed in 5.0.1

Issue Summary
UELOC-17276 UELOC - KO/zhCN/JA - Editor - Asset name and description not displayed in KO
UE-148690 Cleaning your game project after installing a code plugin from the Marketplace breaks the Engine installation
UE-148881 Mac Binary build does not have Android as a valid platform

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide


Why are all of the templates gone now with 5.0.1?

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So I’m not 100% sure I understand how the issue tracker works for Unreal.

A bug that is marked for “Target Fix: 5.0.1” should have been fixed in this release? Yet I don’t believe it was - Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-148515)
Was the fix postponed? I would consider “Build all Levels” failing on sample projects an urgent fix.

Well Ill give this update a shot. 5.0.0 had Datasmith broken for my system. Importing any fbx mesh would do nothing.

Update: Still broken.

Huh, that’s strange. We’re seeing them on our side—did you happen to uncheck “templates” in your install options?