5.0.3 Hotfix Released

The 5.0.3 Hotfix is now live, with over 200 fixes for Unreal Engine 5.0!

Feel free to discuss this release on the 5.0 Forum thread.

If you experience a bug with the 5.0.3 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it on the Bug Submission Form.

Note: We are aware of an issue where users running on integrated Intel GPUs receive a message to update their drivers, even if using the latest.

To work around this, please try one of the following:

  1. Set “r.WarnOfBadDrivers” to 0 in ConsoleVariables.ini

  2. Fix the problem by editing Engine\Config\BaseHardware.ini and changing “” to “101.1191” in the DriverDenyList for Intel.

  3. Add the following to DefaultHardware.ini in the project’s config directory:
    [GPU_Intel Windows]
    +DriverDenyList=(DriverVersion=“<101.1191”, Reason=“These driver versions have known stability issues and missing features”)

Issue Summary
UE-158739 Utilizing ‘-UseEOSPlus’ argument while running ShooterGame with Steam enabled causes Warning: LogEOS: Error response received from backend.
UE-158649 Crash when open Virtual Production template project
UE-158472 Upload Linux Full Install Zips to Blob Store For User Downloading
UE-157617 Add functional CAD importer plugin to the installed build
UE-157609 Debugging a property that contains a UAnimDataModel object causes editor to hang indefinitely
UE-157595 VR Template Feature Pack description localization is not up-to-date
UE-157592 Linux Fails to Package from Windows Device on a C++ Project
UE-157575 Can’t record float properties
UE-157545 Several instances of scoped locks without variable names in SN-DBS and Fastbuild
UE-157494 Required driver version 511.79 is not available on GTX 760, causing the game to crash on boot.
UE-157485 Incorrect FOV applied when evaluating LensFile with multiple ST maps
UE-157447 Bad lock in FRenderAssetStreamingMipCalcTask::ApplyPakStateChanges_Async
UE-157445 Fix d3d12 debug errors with use after free and invalid depth stencil state
UE-157443 Editor crashes after opening Virtual_Camera level of QAVirtualProduction on Mac
UE-157282 Synching CitySample can prevent the Editor from running Turnkey and cooking\packaging.
UE-157071 Crash when duplicating a skeletalmesh in runtime
UE-156983 Crash opening Groom with Strands to the Groom asset editor on Mac
UE-156973 Bridge Plugin 2022.0.5 - Hotfix for Metahumans 1.0.0 Release
UE-156918 Crash on editor restart when disabling Instanced Stereo
UE-156906 Engine crashes when PIE in a world partitioned map
UE-156820 Exclusion of primitives with IsSky enabled materials from ray tracing world preventing sample project release for 5.0
UE-156770 Incorrect overlap results with some transformed shapes, hit location on sweep sometimes is shape position instead of actor
UE-156694 Sculpting a landscape with the Smooth brush in a partitioned world produces breaks in the landscape mesh
UE-156508 Crash while using Geometry Scripting to add an Array of Vector 2D data to ‘Append Buffers to Mesh’ node UV0 input pin
UE-156490 Bad nodal offset calibration when using apply to camera parent
UE-156431 Datasmith SDK incorrectly uses windows regional settings for decimal separators
UE-156414 Lyra Standalone game crashes with GarbageCollection error when launching Elimination
UE-156381 CubeGrid discards changes when hitting Play In Editor
UE-156267 [MetaSounds] Limiter Node will not block extremely loud sounds
UE-156249 [MetaSounds] Deleting an interface on a MetaSound that has presets does not update the presets
UE-156246 Fix invalid blend states when min/max alpha blend is used
UE-156245 Disable DebugBreak when d3d debug layer error is reported when no debugger is attached
UE-156151 Potential crash with deleted primitives when switching to the path tracer
UE-156149 Unable to convert numeric pins on operator nodes to Enums
UE-156130 Anim sequence with large number of curves is loading excessively slow in editor
UE-156114 Solidworks export of animations does not work for udatasmith file
UE-156090 ControlRig: ensure the rotation is normalized when converting FRigControlValue to FTransform
UE-156086 Use Target Value parameter is mistakenly available in the Sculpt Mode tab
UE-156043 Some Niagara Fluid systems are not visible in a packaged project
UE-156001 Crash when changing details of an animation in an Animation Composite
UE-155992 Overscan FOV is not applied by Lens Component in PIE
UE-155957 Windows Principal functionality is not supported on this platform when packaging for iOS on Mac
UE-155789 Path Tracer: Moveable lights do not invalidate the path tracer
UE-155787 MRQ: Post-processed materials do not accumulate properly when rendering with the path tracer
UE-155730 VectorFFT is using doubles instead of floats
UE-155659 nDisplay blueprint asset build error
UE-155588 UHT is not setting the signature function for script exporters
UE-155574 Fix SDP connection dependence on client/server offer order
UE-155573 Refactor of Linux PixelStreaming Samples which removes system dependencies
UE-155571 Fix PixelStreaming not packaging node files
UE-155570 Fix PixelStreaming audio on iOS
UE-155568 Fix matchmaker taking a long time to find a free server
UE-155567 Fix regression causing all PixelStreaming audio to be mono
UE-155566 Fix SFU run_cloud.bat
UE-155564 Fix Picture in picture mode not working
UE-155563 Fix UE application responding to keypress on focus lost
UE-155561 Fix SFU connection process not being robust
UE-155560 Remove admin requirement from PixelStreaming Samples setup
UE-155558 Fix match viewport resolution
UE-155504 Make r.UseLegacyMaintainYFOVViewMatrix a normal cvar
UE-155373 Engine crashes after building lighting and clicking Lighting StaticMesh Info with Error EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
UE-155371 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION MHC crash on launch in RigVM
UE-155311 [CrashReporter]UnrealEditor-Engine!UWorldPartition::GenerateStreaming(TArray<FString,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > *) [WorldPartitionStreamingGeneration.cpp:570]
UE-155304 Fixed issues when running HLOD/Minimap builds on an unsaved map
UE-155274 GC with large scale are unstable
UE-155268 Bridge Plugin 2022.0.4 - Metahumans 1.0.0 Release
UE-155200 Crash when removing hairstrands
UE-155178 Bink Audio Codec is set to a low quality level by default
UE-155166 [MetaSounds] - Changing an Input to Modulation Parameter crashes editor due to module load order
UE-155143 Packaged build crashes with the Colored Smoke Emitter in the level
UE-155043 World Partition - fix issue with loading, unloading cells - ending up with no capacity to load the cell anymore
UE-155042 World Partition - Fix Sequencer Take Recorder
UE-155040 Crash when using FileMediaCapture and capturing current viewport
UE-155032 World Partition link is point on Page not found.
UE-154838 Crash when applying livelink preset with ndisplay cluster
UE-154770 Saving Widget Blueprints directly can put them in a bad state.
UE-154476 Advanced vehicle materials
UE-154475 Add advanced vehicle to vehicle template
UE-154473 Advanced Vehicle level
UE-154472 Advanced Vehicle 5.0.3
UE-154276 Out of Bounds Memory Crash Occurs in Bink Audio for Some Sound Wave Assets
UE-154222 iOS A8 devices unable to run UE5 apps and receive failed to open Default Shader Pipeline error
UE-154208 Overwriting Common Assets occasionally stalls on reloading a MetaHuman_FaceMesh
UE-154014 FFrame::ReadProperty() occur crash if Blendspace Player node use Function to get BlendSpace Asset
UE-153989 GitDependencies - Linux - Prompts to override file every update
UE-153959 Integrate cl 20351709 to 5.0.3
UE-153943 Crash when compiling Control Rig asset after opening Pick Space tab
UE-153932 [CrashReport] Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0000000000000000
UE-153888 HLOD build crashes when GroupActor is present
UE-153880 Crash in WP conversion commandlet on map containing geometry brushes
UE-153875 Spline point manipulation broken when spline component is selected
UE-153755 New mesh serialization: forward compatibility from 5.0
UE-153722 [Navisworks Exporter] Add support for Navisworks 2023
UE-153544 Chaos: Convex sweeps of zero length against heightfield show heavy performance cost
UE-153541 [CrashReport] FSlateTexture2DRHIRef::InitDynamicRHI
UE-153517 GitHub 9209 : Update the approx. engine binaries download size
UE-153447 USD - Add analytics to material and level sequence export
UE-153239 [MetaSounds][Trigger Route] - Trigger Route Audio Node generates noise
UE-153228 GitHub Linux build fails with error -1 while running setup.sh
UE-153174 Crash when toggling XForm Transform Mode while snap dragging
UE-153096 Set UseAccelerationForPath to true in 3rd Person Template Character BP
UE-152834 Bounds of slave components that use master bounds are offset
UE-152741 Enabling HBZOcclusion triggers a crash
UE-152653 Crash occur when loading AInstancedPlacementPartitionActor
UE-152640 Migrate away from deprecated JCenter
UE-152604 Compiling a Geometry Collection Actor Blueprint while ‘Fracture’ mode is still enabled in the background causes the editor to crash.
UE-152568 Linux Package Size has Increased Significantly in 5.0.2 as compared to 5.0.0
UE-152535 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-AnimGraph!UAnimGraphNode_Base::GetAnimBlueprint() [AnimGraphNode_Base.h:306]
UE-152529 Streaming Nodes and Runtime LiDAR point clouds causes Engine to Crash
UE-152527 [CrashReport]UnrealEditor-ApplicationCore!FWindowsApplication::ProcessDeferredMessage(FDeferredWindowsMessage const &) [WindowsApplication.cpp:2045]
UE-152505 CGR referenced in CATProduct are not imported
UE-152469 When certain Sound Waves finish playing, a decoder error appears in the Output Log
UE-152324 Take Recorder bogs down editor performance with large take library
UE-152190 [Quartz] - The multiplier does not always respected on the Quartz Quantization Boundary
UE-151784 Unable to rotate actor around temporary pivot
UE-151775 Creating and editing skeletal controls in template animation blueprints ensures and bone names cannot be edited
UE-151762 FStaticMeshLODResourcesMeshSurfaceAdapter seems to generate bad TriangleOffsetArray
UE-151737 Pivot Tool: Not working well with multiple control rigs.
UE-151706 Vehicle Template - Advanced Vehicle
UE-151677 Enabling ML Deformer can stop light building
UE-151667 heap-use-after-free in MovieSceneSequenceInstance.cpp running Lyra
UE-151622 HLOD dialog is reporting a fatal error while trying to build HLODs
UE-151576 Engine crashes when clicking Lighting StaticMesh Info with Error=126, Failed to load ‘aqProf.dll’, ‘VtuneApi.dll’
UE-151563 Landscape HLOD is not created with the correct polygon count
UE-151484 First-frame notify states can potentially cause check() during cook
UE-151449 Crash Occurs When ABP_Manny BP Reloaded Without Saving After Orientation Warp Node Added
UE-151360 Scene Capture 2d Composite modes: Additive & Composite not working
UE-151059 Separate Translucency causes crash with iOS and Android Vulkan preview rendering
UE-150984 GLTF/GLB import from 3DS Max 2023
UE-150966 Cannot open image file when importing .udatasmith file exported from SketchUp w/ 5.0.2 Datasmith Exporter
UE-150946 static mesh collision complexity setting ‘use ProjectDefault’ not functioning
UE-150727 Crash enabling Pivot Tool after using it in a different level
UE-150715 GeometryScript GetVertexPosition can return invalid results
UE-150690 enable solidworks installer to install with solidworks 2022
UE-150668 Datasmith Revit plugin error when installing
UE-150655 Assert in AWorldPartitionHLOD::SetHLODComponents if an actor fails to load
UE-150653 Buffer overflow in ULandscapeComponent::ComputeLayerHash
UE-150626 Crash when saving packages in a WP scene after leaving and rejoining a MU session
UE-150623 Properties with asset pickers have obnoxiously large reset arrows
UE-150571 Running VR Template with DirectX11 and Instanced Stereo causes massive memory leaks
UE-150565 Cad - imported static mesh names are too generic to be used in a dataprep context
UE-150541 Crash when upgrading old Niagara assets to UE5
UE-150398 CAD - not all expected materials are created upon importing assemblies
UE-150294 Packaged project launch fails with Assertion failed: SchemaIt != SchemaEnd
UE-150196 Backport Relevant PixelStreaming 5.1 fixes to Hotfix version 5.0.3
UE-150027 Wrong normal map compression settings when importing USD file
UE-149893 Retarget Source property on exported retargeted animations is not set based on the target preview mesh
UE-149646 Update engine version to 5.0.3
UE-149630 [MRQ] Simulating in editor during runtime rendering causes an assertion to fail after rendering is done
UE-149540 Datasmith does not assign Rhino imported materials on corresponding meshes
UE-149523 PixelStreamingAudioComponent has delayed audio.
UE-149423 Using the Texture Painter in SM6 crashes the Engine
UE-149384 Assert mousing over the Edit submenu of a selected Landscape Component in a partitioned world during PIE
UE-149359 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-Engine!USkeleton::IsCompatible(USkeleton const *) [Skeleton.cpp:127]
UE-149345 Cad import - Some colors are created at import that are not visible in the source
UE-149316 Sequencer: If you run snapper on a second shot it in master sequence won’t actually work.
UE-148737 Blueprint Viewport isn’t interactable while a Window from the Sidebar is expanded
UE-148711 [CrashReporter]UnrealEditor-RHI!FRHICommandListExecutor::ExecuteInner(FRHICommandListBase &) [RHICommandList.cpp:804]
UE-148686 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-HeadMountedDisplay!FDefaultXRCamera::PreRenderViewFamily_RenderThread(FRHICommandListImmediate &,FSceneViewFamily &) [DefaultXRCamera.cpp:171]
UE-148560 Unable to bind Float variables to certain properties in Widget elements
UE-148504 Alias wire import mesh names are inconsistent with original file
UE-148456 Bridge plugin forcibly adds itself to all projects opened in installed build
UE-148281 UMG property binding fixup for real numbers doesn’t always work
UE-148255 Crash if the .fbx model import menu is open for more then one minute on Linux
UE-148108 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Assertion when initializing the plugin, causing freeze
UE-148053 Crash when attempting to record take in MU while pending take contains sequence that was ‘opened in take recorder’
UE-147820 Edit with FK_Control Rig Reverts Uniform Scale to 1
UE-147590 [Audio][SignalProcessing] Remove need for aligned data on SIMD code
UE-147268 When use Sequence Camera Shake Pattern, Level Sequence occurs error
UE-147076 Packaged project crashed after launching on tvos and ios (Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
UE-146874 GitHub 8999 : Fix detection of PVS-Studio installation
UE-146820 Shooter Game hits Breakpoint with Command Argument -dxdebug -d3d12breakonerror
UE-146567 Alembic GeoCache - Crash when setting Groom and Binding assets
UE-146498 Alembic GeoCache - Editor crash when D&D groom cache (guides) in component
UE-146426 Binary Editor Intellisense errors
UE-146242 EditCondition is incorrectly evaluated during the creation of a new map
UE-145984 Context menu of the toolbar closes when mouseover it’s elements
UE-145940 Current/Initial values affected when parenting controls
UE-145633 Launching any QAGame map on Linux with an NVIDIA Card crashes at launch
UE-145557 Invalid bitcasts in FPrimitiveSceneShaderData::Setup
UE-145548 Water Brush Manager crash when undoing spline transform
UE-145201 New C++ Class (actor) fails to build
UE-145197 Dynamic material instances do not transact to nDisplay until Save All
UE-144115 CAD import ipt model to sew technique throws errors and no mesh imported
UE-144066 Ancient Game crashes with Assertion
UE-144039 [CrashReport] UE::MovieScene::FPreAnimatedStateExtension::~FPreAnimatedStateExtension
UE-143556 Apps on iPad Air 2 crash after panning the camera
UE-142809 Some assets from Quixel Bridge not showing in Latest Assets
UE-142253 Shotgrid Plugin - Allow Plugin on Linux
UE-142188 Provide Projection Data/Frame Number or Timestamp data in Texture Share Plugin Metadata
UE-140620 GitHub 8833 : Render in Depth Pass fixed
UE-140422 Command line map load fails if map is in non-initial PlayGo chunk
UE-139703 Inventor actors imported into UE via Datasmith have incorrect names
UE-139169 Valve Index Controllers Grip Axis Values are inconsistent with input (open/close hand)
UE-138828 Long save times in Take Recorder with timecode
UE-135958 Re-Import of CAD files results in strange behavior
UE-133180 Datasmith CAD importer - mesh import errors logged
UE-132964 D3D12 GPU crash in AncientGame for Win11
UE-132217 MTLCommandBufferErrorDomain Code: 9 Error Hit when opening package on tvOS
UE-131863 Crash on launching QAGame on tvOS manually after it was launched from Mac with Xcode 13.
UE-131465 Rhino 3dm Nurbs CAD import trigger a break point
UE-127453 Datasmith Archicad Direct Link Mesh Instances are missing on sync